BJP Launches #Moditva – A Book That Explains The Vision Of Narendra Modi

BJP President Shri Rajnath Singh launches Moditva – the Idea behind the Man, the book is an attempt to analyze, evaluate and explain the vision of Narendra Modi

Moditva - Narendra Modi Book

 Moditva - Narendra Modi Book

India is witnessing aggressive Lok Sabha election campaigning. With the age old rallies and adoption of social and digital mediums, we are witnessing interesting campaigning ideas from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). After gaining enough limelight from the Chai or Tea campaign in the country, the party is now trying to reach out to the masses via a book titled “Moditva – the Idea behind the Man”.

The book was launched today by BJP President Shri Rajnath Singh at Chinmaya Mission Auditorium in Delhi and focuses on the vision of Gujarat CM and BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi. The book is a collection of 14 short essays drawn from the quotes of Modi on critical challenges facing the country such as economy, governance, education, etc. Each story establishes an ancient Indian connect to each quote, and every idea presented in the book is validated by a successful international and domestic example.

Published by Navbharat Sahitya Mandir, Ahmedabad (Gujarati and English editions) and Prabhat Prakashan, Delhi (Hindi edition), the book is authored by Siddharth Mazumdar, Founder of Citizens for Accountable Governance and a policy analyst from Columbia University.

The book has found acceptance on social media already, with networks like Facebook and Twitter buzzing with support for the book. Modi, who has more than 10M fans on Facebook, posted about its launch a day before, hoping that the youth and first time voters would go through the book.

Post by Narendra Modi.

On Twitter #Moditva has been trending since the early part of the day and the conversations have been occupied by Modi supporters as well as his haters.

Modi has been known for his governance in Gujarat but critics and political parties have dismissed his Gujarat model stating that it won’t work in other states. With this book launch BJP is projecting Modi’s 14 ideas of governance are scalable beyond Gujarat.

For now “Moditva – the Idea behind the Man” is another attempt by BJP to capture a nation that has got diverted with the antics of the Aam Aadmi Party.