BJP Hires ‘Social Media Warriors’ To Help Its Candidates To Connect With Educated Voters

by Prasant Naidu on November 12, 2021

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With the elections nearing, investments are rising. The debate today is not whether social media is required for a political party but how effectively can you reach out to online voters. Bharatiya Janata Party has been a torch bearer in the country when it comes to technology and use of social media.

Carrying the same thoughts further to boost its campaign on social media, the BJP has decided to depute people called ‘social media warriors’ with its candidates to help them connect with educated voters. Around 20-25 people have been hired and these are trained people who will be assisting the party’s candidates.


The social media cell at the Delhi BJP office, which has recruited the team, has also confirmed that the hired ‘social media warriors’ are already being given a list of issues and candidates they will be assisting. These trained people will take a break from their work a week before polling which is considered to be the most crucial time to attract floating votes and social media will help candidates tap those votes. While the majority of hiring has been done from the country, there has been a team from London and Sydney who will be coordinating with BJP prior to polling, added Khem Chand Sharma, coordinator, media cell, Delhi BJP.

The recent hiring of BJP comes right before the country is going to witness Delhi elections next month. While the party definitely has a massive support from its fan boys on social media but deploying trained staff with candidates who might have a poor understanding on the technology front will only help the party to better its prospects before the general elections in the country in 2014.

Last we had heard that the BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi had assigned Rajesh Jain and BG Mahesh to drive the 2014 general elections social media campaign. There after the duo have been putting together a 100-member content and technology team in Bangalore to drive Modi’s internet campaign. The latest hiring of ‘social media warriors’ strengthens BJP’s growing social media presence.

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