BJP Creates A WhatsApp Group To Keep Its MPs Updated

BJP has added 323 members of Parliament to a WhatsApp group where they will receive important information from the party


This NDA government backed by the sound leadership of Narendra Modi and BJP is changing the way how citizens perceive governance. For the first time he is making sure that his 323 party members are accounted for their work and at the same time adopt technology.

We have already seen how Modi has made sure that not only he continues his strong communication relationship with social media but even his members from the government are on social media and use it effectively. We have seen how the Railways have used social media so far and other departments chipping in to.

Now with social media going native and local, BJP has added all its 323 members of Parliament to a WhatsApp group set up recently, where they will receive important information from the party. The lawmakers’ WhatsApp activities will be administered by the BJP Parliamentary Party office. However, WhatsApp has set up a limit of 50 members per group, we assume there are multiple groups in this case.

With the NDA government completing its two month in the office, it has introduced quite a number of initiatives. Recently we saw Modi launching the myGov portal which involves citizens in the process of governance. The objective is to crowdsource governance ideas from citizens, especially the youth, and enable them to volunteer for specific tasks and projects at the grassroots level.

Besides, the most active contributors on the portal stand a chance to meet the prime minister in person, based on a system of credit points earned by users who complete tasks they volunteer for.

“Some of the best ideas and suggestions will straightaway reach the prime minister,” the portal promised. “In the past, there used to be a big gap between the people and the processes of governance… in the past sixty days, the experience of our government is that there are many people who want to contribute towards nation-building, and devote their time and energy,” the PM said, adding that the new website provides an opportunity for them to showcase their contributions.

For the first time we are going to witness report cards for politicians and they would be accessed on their ongoing performance. Wonder if it is going to be made digital and citizens get a say on the performance card too.