#BJPBlackMoneyDhokha Trends On Twitter After BJP Refuses To Reveal Names Until Charges Are Filed

BJP hesitates to reveal the names of those listed to have untaxed income in the Swiss bank, opposition says the govt has double standards and Twitter sees #BJPBlackMoneyDhokha trend all day

Bad day for BJP on Twitter today. #BJPBlackMoneyDhokha started trending as soon as news broke that BJP has once again taken a 360-degree turn in getting black money to the country. Earlier in the day Finance Minister Arun Jaitley while addressing the media shared key details on black money trail - a key promise that the party and now the PM of India Narendra Modi had made during the election campaigning.

The Minister told that the NDA government powered by BJP has received a list of names but the government is reluctant in making names public. “Can’t reveal names until charges are filed. The names can be made public with the due process of law and that has been constrained by a double taxation treaty which was entered into in 1995 when the Congress was in power.”

In a landmark order in 2011, the Supreme Court had said that all details of the alleged black money stashed abroad must be made public. The apex court had constituted the SIT headed by its former judge M B Shah on a plea in 2009 by noted lawyer Ram Jethmalani, who was expelled last year from the BJP.

The Center has also filed an application in the Supreme Court saying it cannot disclose the names of the foreign account holders against whom no prosecution has been launched yet.

Responding to the Centre’s stand, senior lawyer and petitioner in the case, Ram Jethmalani, accused the Narendra Modi government of shielding the corporates accused of laundering black money abroad. This was also enough fodder for the opposition parties in the country for labeling the government doing a flip and showing double standards on its promise of getting black money in the country.

Twitter the conversation platform for controversy saw #BJPBlackMoneyDhokha trending from the moment the news broke in media. Congress and AAP supporters made sure to dig out the past promises of BJP and Modi government on the matter.

Listed below are some of the curated tweets that have been making buzz on the trend:

While the hashtag is still trending, BJP is on a damage control mode. Arun Jaitley has now said that there is no propoganda, it is not reluctant to make names public but it is doing so to follow the law. “Where is the question of propaganda? We have no problems in making the names public under the due process of law and the treaty commitment by a previous government, whether good or bad, is process of law.”

It is said that 500 Indians are on the leaked list of account-holders who have untaxed income resting with the bank - a list leaked in 2011 by an employee of HSBC in Switzerland.