Why Bisleri Celebrated ‘World Shabaash Day’ On Social Media

A look at how Bisleri launched its 500ml bottle on social media using a combination of strategies involving Facebook and Twitter to drive engagement for the new ad films


Ever since Bisleri has started selling mineral water in India, it has become the country’s synonym for drinking water. Bought over by Jayantilal Mohanlal Chauhan in 1965 from one Italian businessman, Felice Bisleri, it’s been well over 43 years and is still going strong with a series of interesting promotions supporting it every year.

This time around, with social media taking the center stage, Bisleri has launched its latest campaign, “Kiss to Drink” to promote its 500 ml bottle. The campaign was extended onto social media with an all new day - World Shabaash Day, where people were encouraged to congratulate the good people in their lives. Why ‘Shabaash’? Watch the TVC to get the connect:

This and two other TVCs revolve around the idea that one should ‘own’ her Bisleri bottle and that Bisleri bottles are not meant to be shared with others. The message at the end also has a ‘Shabaash’ or ‘Congrats!’ to everyone who owns their Bisleri, and which has been played upon massively on social media platforms.

As is the reigning trend, the television commercials designed for the same, were shared exclusively with the online community prior to going on air, and following an array of teaser updates. The digital initiatives to promote the ad films and drive online engagement were carried out by digital agency, Flying Cursor, who used a combination of Facebook and Twitter to drive the community to the ads featured on its YouTube channel.

Engaging the Facebook community

Beginning April, the 80K strong fan base on Bisleri’s Facebook page were kept glued to the wall for impending updates about the new TVCs. The page admins began by posting breaking news about 3 unusual occurrences being reported in the city, and informed that investigations were still on. This was followed up by sharing a part of each of the TVCs, where fans were asked to guess the reason for the said reaction, before finally unveiling the three TVCs on the wall.

The page soon announced the #Shabaash contest hosted on a Facebook app, where fans had to watch all the videos well to answer 4 simple questions. If they were lucky they could win an iPad Mini, Timex watches, Bisleri gift hampers and a big #Shabaash too!


Fans were also encouraged to view the TVCs and pick their favourite ones. They were also invited to express their responses in the comments, were someone to kiss their Bisleri God forbidding! The 3 ad films have collectively garnered around 44K views, since the time of upload in the beginning of April.

Spreading World Shabaash Day on Twitter

The #Shabaash contest on Facebook was followed up soon by the upcoming World Shabaash Day updates. Going by the TVC message that ends with a Shabaash, Bisleri initiated ‘World Shabaash Day’ on 18th of April on social media. The day encouraged people to congratulate or ‘Shabaash‘ anyone who has done something good. ‘World Shabaash Day’ was carried out on Twitter, but driven through a Facebook Event as well as a specially created Facebook app. Fans could directly tweet from this Facebook app on World Shabaash Day.

Twitter users had to tag anyone they wished to give a #Shabaash, along with a reason and the hashtag ‘#WorldShabaashDay’ on the 18th between 2 pm and 6 pm. Despite it not being a contest, the hashtag trended in the top ten Twitter trends list.


The Twitter handle of Bisleri, with its more than 1000 followers, has been actively engaging with the users throughout the launch of the TVCs and the ‘World Shabaash Day’ celebrations.

Product launches on social media

This year is seeing a lot many of product launches happening on the social media space, in addition to other mediums.  While this one for Bisleri has been quite an extensive one, that even created a whole new day to congratulate good people in your life, the significant feature in this promotion was the extension of ‘Shabaash‘ from the TVC onto social media channels. The combination of both the platforms, Facebook and Twitter synched with each other, also added to achieving the objective and gaining maximum visibility amongst the youth.

While the Evian babies dance, skate and get us back in time to our childhood, they also sell water in its purest form. Bisleri, however, seems to have shed off its message about pure, safe, drinking water, to a more contemporary and fun message of ‘kissing your own Bisleri bottle to drink’ and also get congratulated for doing so. Great concept for a brand recall, but I don’t understand why anybody should ‘own’ their bottle, as one has to dispose it off after 15 to 20 days. This might sell more bottles, but wasn’t sharing your water with someone thirsty something that we were taught as kids?

Nevertheless, the exclusive launch on social media accompanied by teasers, and the ‘World Shabaash Day’ celebrations has been quite refreshing. What do you think?