Birla Sun Life’s Mutual Fund Song Crosses 1.18 Million Views

by Vinaya Naidu on February 7, 2022

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In the beginning of the year, Birla Sun Life Mutual Funds had released the ‘The Mutual Fund Song’. You couldn’t have missed it if you are a regular user on YouTube; the song ran as ads in the videos. The song got viral and grossed over a million views within the month itself; it now stands close to 1.2 million views as I write this.

Launched as a part of its ongoing ‘Jaanoge Tabhi Toh Maanoge’ campaign that is aimed at investor education, ‘The Mutual Fund Song’ is particularly targeted to the youth. The 2-minute song communicates the many advantages of a mutual fund to an ignorant young man in an office, but interestingly uses the rap format to do so.

The ad film is set in an office where a guy is seen throwing away an envelope with mutual fund written on it. This lands on his colleague’s desk who is the ‘Mutual Fund Man’ in disguise. Realizing that his friend is ignorant on the benefits of mutual funds, he decides to explain it in a rap song format. The song touches upon various myths associated around investing in an MF, while clearing them away.

The MF disclaimer also makes an interesting reading towards the end, when the Mutual Fund Man says ‘Stop the rhyme..because it’s disclaimer time’!

Disclaimers like “Mutual fund investments are subject to market risk. Please read all scheme related documents carefully” are bound to scare any investor. With Indians preferring gold, real estate and the many government investment schemes for a simple, risk-free investment, it has been tough for the mutual fund industry to gain their trust.

Market regulator SEBI had proposed fund managers to promote financial awareness and investor education to help demystify the fears associated with MF investments. Even that has not been successful, India still lags in mutual fund investment with the industry seeing only a 5 percent penetration. The rap song along with the various digital and social moves taken by Birla might boost MF investments.

Birla Sun Life believes in catching them young!

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