Birla Sun Life’s New #KhudKoKarBuland Ad May Be Shorter But It Sure Packs A Punch

Madan, the PA has just had a bypass surgery and will be unable to resume work. Still, his son need not take up his dad's job. This family is a 'buland' family after all


Life insurance ads kind of deal with a communication dilemma: sell insurance by instilling the fear of death or go subtle about being prepared for the uncertainties of life. Few choose the death route as brands could be deemed as fear mongers, although death is the ultimate certainty. A majority choose to instil hope through their communication, to encourage people to face life chin-up, to be the controller of their own fate, to overcome destiny, to live with dignity and so on.

Despite a great message, very few insurance brands carry their communication forward. Birla Sun Life Insurance (BSLI), the life insurance arm of Aditya Birla Financial Services Group, has rolled out the second film as part of its brand positioning campaign Khud ko kar buland’. Launched last year, it told the inspiring story of a single father’s grit and determination in raising his autistic son.

Celebrating the human spirit and its wherewithal to battle against all odds, remains at the core of ‘Khud ko kar buland’. In the second installment, BSLI along with Taproot Dentsu brings to us the story of Madan, a hardworking and earnest man who had never thought that he would have to undergo a by-pass and as a consequence, let go of his job.

The ad is set at a hospital ward with a recuperating Madan and a wife by his side, both of whom don’t look much worried. His boss pays him a visit and enquires about when he would be joining back. To his dismay, he learns from Madan’s wife that he (Madan) will not be working again.

Knowing how important the job is to Madan and his family, the boss offers Madan’s son, Suraj, his father’s job. But, Madan has more ambitious plans for Suraj; he reveals to his boss that his son is on his way to the UK to do his MBA. “My son doesn’t have to learn how to fix appointments for someone else. The only thing he should be learning, is to give appointments,” he proclaims with pride.

The voiceover emphasized the central message: “Honi ko aap rok nahi sakte. Par honi bhi aap ko kaha rok sakegi. Apno ko, apne sapno ko karo surakshit.”

Uploaded three weeks ago on the Birla Sun Life YouTube channel, the ad has clocked over 2 million views, and much appreciation on social media with the hashtag #KhudKoKarBuland being amplified by Twitter influencers and celebrities like Mahesh Bhupathi, LisaHaydon, Shobhaa De, Purab Kohli and more.

The ad uploaded on Facebook has fetched more than 2.7 million views. BSLI has a social media presence now and is creating conversations around the campaign hashtag #KhudKoKarBuland. Besides, the video is being natively promoted through publications like The Logical Indian, Scoopwhoop, etc.

Selling insurance with positive stories

Last year was all about long format digital films; several brands in the life insurance space tackled the beast called long format, and for sustaining consumer interest till the very end, came up with a variety of interesting themes in its stories. This year the brands have walked their individual paths and long format isn’t much of a deal now!

BSLI’s latest Khud ko kar buland film also is halved in duration  this year, but nonetheless, is a promising one with a great message and a supporting storyline. The story of one man not letting destiny make choices for him or his family either, is what Birla Sun Life is advocating and thereby also positioning itself as. Quite a positive message from an insurance brand and aligned nicely with its first installment last year.

My favourite from the two is, of course, the first film of 3.3 minutes. It lingers on and makes for a memorable second watch: