Bindass All Set To Inspire Youth With #BForChange

Youth channel Bindass from Disney UTV networks, has rolled out a campaign called ‘B for change’ that seeks to inspire youth to bring about change



Brands catering to the youth are transforming their communication to capture what the youth stand for, rather than what the brands stood for. In a recent news, youth channel Bindass from Disney UTV networks, has rolled out a campaign called ‘B for change’ that the channel claims to be a natural progression from being ‘restless’ to getting into action mode.

In April 2012, the channel had added a purpose to its brand identity with the tagline ‘Restless’, and is now seeking to be an ‘enabler of purposive action’ with the ‘B for change’ campaign.

B for change

Bindass is promoting B for change with a 2 minute ad film that captures the essence of today’s youth. The youth also referred to by older generations as ‘aaj kal ke bachche’ have been portrayed as enablers of change in their own, innovative ways, despite being considered to be irresponsible, lazy, careless, etc.

While the first half shows them partying away or just having fun, the second half shows the same young guys bringing about a significant change by fighting against injustice, rescuing a cat up a roof, exposing a corrupt traffic cop taking bribe or cleaning up the plastic bottles from the ocean. The film is a weave of stories that look deeper into the highly ‘misunderstood’ young generation of today, and highlight them for what they truly are.

Uploaded 6 days back on Feb 7, 2022 on the Bindass YouTube channel, the video has received more than 3K views so far. The voice over towards the end announces the arrival of new change brought about by these youth through Bindass B for Change, while the website link is featured at the end.

The B for change website asks youth above 18 years to join them by entering their name, mobile number and email id. It also features a video that cannot be viewed as it has been labelled as private, while I write this. This must be the promotional film uploaded on its YouTube channel, and hopefully is rectified soon. The website is a work in progress as post submission of the personal details, it informs that it will come back shortly.

Reportedly, the campaign has partnered with around 50 to 60 NGOs that work in different fields to bring about change.

On Twitter, Bindass has been spreading the new brand communication with the hashtag #bforchange. Tweets revolve around pieces of stories taken from the video, that have been captured in lively visuals.

Similar updates have been shared on the channel’s Facebook page that has a 4.3 million strong fan base.

A fun enabler of purposive action

With the ‘B for change’ ad film, Bindass has managed to dismantle the perceptions we have of today’s youth. Going further with the campaign’s partnership with NGOs, the youth channel has created an actionable platform, one that will not only enable the youth to be the change, but also help strengthen its brand positioning.

Though the concept is good, the website has been a disappointment right from being unable to view the feature video, to being told to wait after filling my registration details. This might not go down well with the ‘restless’ youth of today. I’d prefer a campaign to be launched only after its website is completely equipped to provide information. Perhaps Bindass has a valid reason.

With new TV shows around the concept and all round promotions on various mediums, Bindass is all set to inspire purposive action amongst the youth. What do you think?