Bihar’s Minister Bhim Singh Is Lashed On Twitter For His Insensitive Remarks On Martyrs

by Prasant Naidu on August 8, 2021

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Indian politicians are setting up new benchmarks in making insensitive comments. As a result every day Twitter witnesses a new drama. Today is the day of Bihar’s Panchayati Raj Minister Bhim Singh, who said today morning –“What’s so special about the funeral of soldiers? It keeps happening.”

The callous remark comes from Bhim Singh who is a cabinet minister in the present Bihar government of Nitish Kumar. The minister made the disgraceful comment while the country lost five Indian Army soldiers recently in Kashmir in a deadly ambush by the Pakistani army. Four of the martyrs are from the same state as the minister.

The soldiers were cremated with full state honors in different parts of the state today. However, when the coffins of the soldiers arrived in Patna on a special plane last evening, not a single minister was present at the airport to receive them.

The minister also declared that “People join the army to die.” Before it could get worse, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar intervened to demand an apology from the minister. Adding that the comments were unacceptable, he further said:

“I apologise and express regret for my colleague’s remarks.  The whole nation is indebted to the martyrs.”

However, the damage was already done. The opposition – BJP has already mocked the CM or not attending the funerals of the martyrs and the remarks from a senior minister like Bhim Singh has made matters worse for the government.

Bhim Singh trends on Twitter

The remarks of the minister didn’t go unnoticed and he got his due on Twitter. Keyword “Bhim Singh” was trending on Twitter on India Trends and I guess the netizens got to know more about the minister and his uncalled statements.

The tweets that did the talking obviously reflected the frustration of netizens:

I’m not sure if Bhim Singh is sorry for his remarks and is also bothered what the people are talking about, but I really wonder what kind of ministers we have elected; they give a damn about our brave soldiers who are giving their lives for the country.

Image courtesy: NDTV

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  • Preeti

    It looks that there is some trend going on loksabha, Netas will make ludicrous remark first and when they face the hardest criticism will apologies. Human sentiment doesn’t matter to them, They are not to be call as ministers who swears to protect human interest day in and out. They are the monsters who only knows about their interest out of poor sacrifice.

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