Bihar Government Logs On To Facebook And How

An article on Bihar Government joining Facebook

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With the growing awareness of social media in the country, government bodies have realized the need to have a presence on it. Apart from the Central Government, different bodies of the State Government have shown an interest too. The latest one to join the bandwagon is the Government of Bihar. The Government’s Information and Public Relations department who have opened a presence on Facebook as reported by The Times Of India, said that the presence on social media is to reach out to people and especially the youth. The team that is behind the initiative said that they would be sharing information and policy related matters with the people to inform them and have a dialogue over it.

The Facebook page that was launched on 20th June 2012 has already got a good support and 620 fans like the community. The page is marked with some good focused content. There are updates on certain events, policies and the honorable Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s activities. The updates are not mere links but they are meaningful content with images. I find the content informative and already fans have congratulated the move and are engaging on the page. One such useful content that was shared by the page which enhanced my knowledge was that Patna has a Janta Darbar and the Divisional Commissioner participates in this and listens to the complaints of the common man.

bihar government on facebook

Bihar has been singing songs of development from the time Nitish Kumar has taken the reigns in his hands. Showing the intent and opening the door for social media is really an encouraging move. The content that has been shared is informative and the use of Hindi in updates is a welcome move.  Along with the content, the team that is managing the page should use the timeline feature of Facebook in the same way as most of the brands have done. Engaging with people and trying to bridge the offline and online gap and declaring the right expectations from the Facebook page should be a progressive move.

Governments jumping on to the social media bandwagon is no more breaking news. In the recent past, we have seen many government bodies doing it and our Prime Minister’s office also has a presence. However, the need for today is not only about creating a social media presence but also using it effectively and setting the right expectations. In the past, we had shared why the Indian Government has shown interest to join social media and besides that we did a review of the presence. I wish that the new initiative of Bihar Government doesn’t follow the footsteps of the Prime Minister’s Office but creates a meaningful presence instead and involves the community in meaningful dialogue.

I believe the Bihar Government’s move to join social media will not fade out with time and turn into a link junkyard. What do you think?