Bigg Boss Season 6 Goes Social

A look at Bigg Boss season 6 employing social media to involve the online community of Bigg Boss fans

A look at Bigg Boss season 6 employing social media to involve the online community of Bigg Boss fans.

This year has seen a significant increase in the digital marketing budgets. Be it the big screen or the small screen, nearly all of them involve social media into their marketing mix. Prior to a movie release, we see the trailer and music release videos trending on Twitter irrespective of whether it’s going to achieve box office success or not.  Facebook is a good indulgence to get your fan community talk about you. Satyamev Jayate created a record of sorts to be the most social media friendly show of these times. As per this story on Gigaom, more than 1.2 billion people had connected with the social documentary program across its website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and mobile devices, from just about 13 episodes.

And now, this year’s most anticipated reality show, Bigg Boss 6 debuts on Colors TV, with a social media presence on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. True to its tagline ‘Alag Che’ (its different), apart from the motley group of contestants, and a talking parrot in the house, one can see a rational use of social media unlike its previous seasons. I saw an ad on YouTube with an embedded video and a link to the Facebook page of Colors TV. Quite a number of things are happening on traditional mediums too, and these are being integrated into the digital space.

The Colors TV Facebook page has been long creating the buzz on its wall as well as an interesting app. Fans can create their own Bigg Boss house by selecting 13 of their friends from Most Attractive, Most Fashionable to Most Funny, Most Athletic and Most Knowledgeable. The app finally creates a collage of your 13 friends into an image, which you can then tag and share.

I clicked the ‘Start’ button on the Facebook app and this is what was displayed “Bigg Boss chahte hain ki aap iss page ko like kare”. That was quite an impressive way for a start! I was beginning to get the feel of the reality show. Post liking the page, you are shown 13 empty spaces with the respective titles. The app has a provision for selecting from your friends list or you can also do a search. In addition, there is the Facebook Share and Twitter button to help spread the word.

Content on the wall does create the ‘watch this space for more’ feel. I loved the spoiler alerts and the small video footage being shared; this really gets you to switch on the idiot box in the evening just to watch ‘what happened later’. A really ingenious move in terms of content strategy for a reality  show quite famed for its  regular dogfights!

Bigg Boss 6 on Twitter

The reality show is being trended through the hashtag #BB6 or #BiggBoss by the channel Twitter handle @ColorsTV. The Twitter page is full of buzz and interesting conversations. I am quite impressed with the Twitter show as it seems to be fully utilising  the 140-characters provided. Prior to the show going on air, the Twitter page has been seen creating  waves in terms of sharing tidbits about the show, the host and the contestants. Followers were asked what would they do if they were Bigg Boss for a day.

The one thing that deserves a mention here is the intent to engage with followers. The Twitter handle talks, listens, and helps you with your concerns.

After the initial hype, the page is now sharing videos of each of the contestants and some exclusive clippings from the next episode. In other words, the Twitter page is doing everything to keep the followers glued onto the account. The show is sure creating the required conversations and engagement with its Twitter strategy and is similar to the plan on Facebook.

Bigg Boss 6 on YouTube

Other than the YouTube ad and a few promotional videos on the brand channel of Colors TV, nothing much is happening on YouTube. A dedicated page has been created on the channel website that serves as a warehouse of videos, sneak peeks, more about the contestants, chat, voting, etc. All the content is churned out here, the links of which are shared through Facebook and Twitter for fan consumption.

Ending Thoughts

Bigg Boss 6 has focussed around its dedicated page on the channel website. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are being used to generate the necessary involvement in the fans. The specially designed Facebook app is simple yet it helps gain more ‘likes’ and shares from the community and its extended network. Still, I would have preferred the app had been more interactive and ‘gamified’ with a graphic replication of the Bigg Boss season 6 house.

The overall strategy is in keeping with the channel’s tagline ‘Jasbaat Ke Rang’ in order to promote ‘Cohesive viewing’ through programmes that have universal appeal. Only thing I cannot figure - why the Facebook page is not open!

With more than 6 lakh fans at the beginning of the show, it remains to be seen what happens at the end of 98 days. ‘BB6 Alag Che’ might ring in new learnings in the social space. What are our thoughts?