Big Bazaar Calls For A Cleaner Diwali With #PaperPatakha

Extending its ‘Shubh Shuruaat’ campaign, Big Bazaar has launched 'Paper Patakha' - a new way to celebrate Diwali without the crackers but even more noise

Diwali may be the festival of lights but crackers make for a louder celebration. No festivity is complete without them and come Diwali people are busy competing against each other with the biggest atom bombs and the longest ladis. Crackers itself are hazardous and when burst they further contribute to the pollution. Not to mention about the mess they leave on the roads after the festival.

Big Bazaar has come up with a novel idea to celebrate Diwali, one where you get the loud pop of a patakha, sans the pollution and the garbage. Taking inspiration from a childhood prank one could play on their classmates if only they knew how to make a ‘Paper Patakha’, the brand has rolled out its new Diwali campaign asking people to have fun with paper patakhas.

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The campaign is an extension of its ‘Shubh Shuruaat’ campaign that was launched during Ganesh Chaturthi. The brand wants us to celebrate Diwali in a new and meaningful way and make a ‘Shubh Shuruaat’ this festive season.

The campaign is powered by a sweet video conceptualized by DDB Mudra. The 1.5 minute film introduces the Paper Patakha through a Big Bazaar employee that triggers a chain reaction of sorts all around people.

This little boy and his mother are at the billing counter at Big Bazaar when he asks her for crackers. Looking at his dejected face after she denies him crackers, a staff person calls him and makes him a ‘Paper Patakha’. The boy loves the concept and is then shown sharing it with his friends.

Soon everybody is making Paper Patakhas everywhere. People of various age groups are seen playing pranks at each other armed with their new paper patakhas. At the very end of the film, you see a pleasantly surprised garbage man looking at the clean streets ahead.

For all who would like to learn how to make a paper patakha, the brand has created this tutorial video by the little boy who’s a pro now.

On the social media front, Big Bazaar has been building engagement and buzz by getting people to participate in contests and tag their friends too. Mimicking real life competition, it has launched the #LongestLadi and #LoudestPaperPatakha contest on social media.

All one has to do is upload their video of the loudest paper patakha or longest ladi using ‪#‎PaperPatakha on Facebook. Tag their friends and challenge them. For the longest ladi, one has to get all their friends together and make the longest Paper Patakha ladi. 5 winners stand a chance to win gift vouchers worth INR 2000 and 50 winners can win gift vouchers worth Rs 200.

Point made in simple yet most entertaining way

The idea is a smart application of the paper pop. Whoever thought it could be used for a sensible and socially conscious brand message for Diwali. Also the execution is bang on: the little boy and the chain of happy people pranking each other with paper patakhas is a sweet thing to watch. At 1.5 minutes, the film makes for a fun watch and is share-worthy too. The only branding in the video is the Big Bazaar staff who introduces the paper patakha to the little boy.

Paper Patakha aligns well with the brand’s ‘shubh shuruvat’ campaign. Celebrating Diwali in a new way that is more fun and aids a cleaner country, is the way to go for a future ready brand. And, when it is being promoted by a mass brand like Big Bazaar, it is more likely to receive consumer appreciation.