How The Biba Silver Screen Innovation Grew The Ethnic Wear Brand’s Revenue By INR 60 Lakhs

Out with its A/W collection, Biba was looking to innovate its customer engagement and not just announce the launch on social media. The Biba Silver Screen device helped it achieve both and how!

Biba Silver screen

When it comes to the perfect looking dress, women just can’t make up their mind. Isn’t this yellow too bright? Am I looking awkward in this outfit? Tell me which one should I go for – pink or peach? The outfit satisfying all her senses will still lie in the shortlisted ones. Final approvals have to be got by mom, best friends and social friends.

Taking a cue from this, Biba, one of India’s leading women’s ethnic wear brand decided to lend them a helping hand using the power of technology. It created ‘Biba Silver Screen’, an exciting, engaging installation set up in the Biba store in Kemp’s Corner in Mumbai. A one-of-its-kind innovation by Brandmovers India, the Biba Silver Screen device has been exclusively designed to be a personal wardrobe assistant and help shoppers choose the outfit that suits them best!

Biba was looking to bring innovation in its customer engagement activity. The ethnic wear brand also wanted to promote its new Autumn-Winter Collection 2015. Helping consumers make informed shopping decisions via feedback received on social channels, and while they are at it, create an innovative experience for them, led to the idea of Biba Silver Screen.

The Biba Silver Screen was placed right outside the trial room in the Kemp’s Corner store. Using the power of social media, shoppers could now use the device to arrive at the perfect outfit and thus, purchase it. All users had to do was try on different outfits and stand in front of the screen. The camera would now capture their photographs in these outfits.

They would now be able to compare all the different looks on a single screen and share their photos with their friends and family using various social media channels. Based on their feedback, they could pick the outfits that suited them the best.

Post the promotions of the Biba Silver Screen on Biba’s social channels, people came out in numbers to try the device.

  • Over 4000 people used the device to make their shopping decisions and over 5000 shares were made on social – all within the first month of the launch.
  • A whopping 23 million Twitter impressions were made and a lot of buzz was created around the device.
  • Various influential fashion bloggers also tried the device and gave a new dimension to the campaign by featuring it in their blogs.
  • Biba recorded an increase of 60 lakhs in revenue during the launch phase and taking by the success, 20 more devices are to be added in stores this month and over 100 devices over the course of the year.

A little innovation goes a long way

Retail is feeling the pinch from etailers, but when it comes to providing a ‘touch and feel’ experience, retailers are top of the game. One just cannot know the feel of a fabric or its exact shade despite zooming into several product images and reading through the product description.

Comparatively, retailers can play around with their store experiences, and enhance it with innovations. Helping shoppers make informed buying decisions, and that too, in such a fun, innovative way, is bound to get the eyeballs. Not only has Biba created awareness for its A/W collection, but also driven sales, by just leveraging its digital community and generating buzz on social media. It found a problem, gave an exciting solution and got consumers to do all the talking!

Here’s a video case study: