This Ethnic Brand Uses Storytelling In Its New Film For The Urban Woman

Ethnic wear brand BIBA has launched the 'Be Yourself' video that features the story of a small town girl finding herself in Mumbai, all through her Facebook updates

Biba Facebook video

BIBA, the country’s most popular ethnic brand is all set for a massive consumer engagement exercise to reach out to the young urban woman this year. In mid December 2014, the clothing brand along with its digital agency, Brandmovers Interactive India launched a short film that threw light on the exuberance of everyday occasions through the story of Ananya Verma, a small town girl rediscovering herself in the maze of big city, Mumbai.

BIBA plays a vital role in her big city life, whether it be to cheer her up, find a way to make up for missing her mother or just everyday occasions in her city life. What is interesting is that the storytelling can be viewed through Ananya’s Facebook timeline.

The 3.4 minute story titled ‘Be yourself’ begins with Ananya logging onto her Facebook account and a series of Facebook status updates that describe the transition she goes through. Beginning with ‘feeling a void’ reflecting the sadness of leaving home to missing her mother and boyfriend, Ananya finds comfort in discovering the city. From pictures of the city to pictures of her new friend, her updates talk about missing assignments, and more. Eventually, through her new found individuality, a viewer sees a brave Ananya not losing herself to the glitz and glamour of this city.

Additionally, the film features the brand’s newly launched e-commerce portal, Ananya is seen shopping at the e-store quite often when it comes to retail therapy and for gifting her mother. Her boyfriend also surprises her with a gift from the BIBA e-store.

Uploaded on the 16th of December 2014 on the BIBA India YouTube channel, the video has garnered over 147K views. Views were further boosted through the ‘Watch and Win’ contest on the brand’s Facebook page. The page with over 313K+ fans invited them to arrange the video snapshots in the right sequence for a chance to win gift vouchers. The BIBA India Twitter handle is working alongside its Facebook page in spreading word about the video and the brand’s e-store.

Post by BIBA.

Storytelling meets promotions

BIBA’s new film ‘Be yourself’ captures the essence of the urban woman caught between her struggles with finding herself and not losing touch with her loved ones while discovering her unique style. It also highlights the magic of celebrating everyday with the brand’s range of clothing for ‘everyday occasions’.

The brand’s new film has the right blend of storytelling and product promotions to make for an appealing watch for the TG - the young, urban digital age woman. The typewriter, however, is completely misplaced in time. Who, in their right mind, buys a typewriter in this digital age? Nevertheless, it added some vintage beauty to the protagonist’s personal style. Perhaps Ananya used a typewriter back in her small town home!

The ad also reminds us of the hugely viral 2013 Vodafone ‘Made for’ ad featuring the story of a certain Aditi through her Facebook updates that go from being broken hearted to discovering that life is good. BIBA’s new film not only aids in product discovery but also adds an inspiring message for its fans.