Bhavna From An Indian Summer Shares Her Blogging Story

Bhavna from An Indian Summer Shares her Blogging Story

Today we bring you yet another successful blogger story of Bhavna, a corporate consultant cum design blogger for the past four years.  While browsing through the list of regular bloggers at Indiblogger, I happened to stumble upon this particular blog named ‘An Indian summer’. At first, it was the name then later the layout, colours and the passionate content caught my eye. I knew here was a great story!

A prolific blogger since 2007, Bhavna has delicately balanced her passion for beautiful interiors along with the rigours of working for an MNC, all the while creating ‘value’ not just for herself but for her readers as well. We are glad to have her sharing her rich experience of blogging and how it has given her an opportunity to fulfill her passion for exquisite Indian interior design thereby adding meaning to her life.


Courtesy: An Indian Summer

1. Hi Bhavna! Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us. Do tell us about yourself and your journey with AnIndianSummer?

I am a corporate consultant and a design blogger, in equal parts. When I started the blog four years back, I was working in a senior role at a multinational organization. After about a year of blogging, I decided to quit my full time job and launch out as an independent consultant to be able to pursue the many activities I was, and still am passionate about.  I now happily divide my time between corporate consulting projects, writing the blog, providing interior design consultation to readers-turned-clients and, a soon to be re-launched online retail venture.

2. Having blogged since 2007, what in your opinion is the one best practice that a blogger needs to follow to come up with fresh, quality content in every post?

I think the foremost criteria is that you need to be passionate about what you blog. It’s only when you are really interested in your blog and your readers, that you invest in the effort to put up fresh appealing content each time. The other tactical best practice is also to keep yourself updated with what’s happening on blogs in the same space as yours, and not repeat content already published, unless you have an unique perspective to add on.

3. How has blogging created an identity for you in terms of exposure? What do you think of other social networks like Facebook when compared with blogging?

Blogging has definitely created another identity for me, and I am very thankful for the appreciation that readers from all over the world continue to give my blog. Via An Indian Summer, I have had the opportunity to enjoy many a creative projects and have come to know many artists and designers who share similar design aesthetics and ethos as mine. This wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the blog! 
I think blogging is much more than a social network. It has an independent standing – like the print media. There is so much more content, information, viewpoint, stories that you can share via blogging, and also provide a platform for discussion. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are much needed support tools for an active blogger.

4. Blogging starts mainly as a hobby and then transforms into so many different things. Will we see an ‘interiors’ book in the future?

Absolutely! :). It’s a dream for me to curate an interiors book, and I hope someday I’ll meet kindred souls (read publishers!) who can help make the dream a reality.

5. As a successful blogger, do you have any tips or advice for aspiring bloggers?

Some best practices I have found useful while blogging:

– Find and establish a voice of your own. All successful blogs have a distinct personality.

– Make sure you update regularly and consistently, especially in the beginning. You need to have enough relevant and interesting content to draw readers before you make the blog public.

– Interact with readers as much as possible.

– Say no to plagiarism.

– Encourage and appreciate newer blogs and bloggers.

– Enjoy the process! 🙂


Blogging platforms offer an unique opportunity to publish your own thoughts, ideas and also act as avenues to meet like-minded people. And readers are often addicted to certain blogs that cater to their area of interest, coupled with established websites by big publishing houses. In such a scenario, multiple blogs serving similar needs have to compete with each other. I have seen quite a few interior design blogs but this one stood out for me; the appeal probably lies in the extensive work that goes on within. That is something we can take away from this story.

Two more take-aways would be Bhavna’s advice to encourage and appreciate newer bloggers and also enjoy the process all the while. These are simple yet powerful morals to survive in the blogging ecosystem yet these are the most ignored ones too!

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