Bharti AXA Creates The #WorkingPatient To Promote Its Critical Illness Insurance Plan

A look at working patient social media campaign by insurance brand Bharti AXA, where funny videos create awareness on the benefits of the plan

How do you promote a critical illness insurance plan and while at it, ease a little off the criticality of an illness? You make it fun, with the saline bottle and all. In a bid to promote its Critical Illness insurance policy, Bharti AXA General Insurance company launched the ‘Working Patient’ campaign last November with a series of interesting videos and engaging activities on social media.

The ‘Working Patient’ videos talk the story of regular people living and working with critical illnesses. There are 7 videos in all featuring a chemist, a professor, an air-hostess, among people in other professions, who go about living their daily lives along with their critical illness. What is amusing is that the working patients move around with a saline bottle attached to their veins, while being dressed in the blue hospital gown.

Here’s the critically ill chemist who will do better with the Critical Illness Insurance plan:

The ad film brings home the importance of being covered under a Critical Illness Insurance plan that will provide a lump sum compensation to take care of your hospitalization and day-to-day expenses, when you are critically ill. The humour and shock value only add to it.

The Working Patient story on social

Buzz for the insurance policy has taken a cool storytelling route on social media. The working patient story was revealed through teasers on the Bharti AXA Facebook page. The insurance brand changed its cover photo to ask fans if they had met the working patient, before revealing the ad film. Soon, the page shared a link to its Critical Illness Insurance plan emphasizing that fans need not work while being critically ill.

The page followed this up with sharing The Patient Times – an initiative by a working patient for all working patients claiming to serve as a guide/newspaper/a movement for them. The Patient Times correspondent then goes about spotting working patients in the city, while sharing each of the ad films made for the campaign.

Bharti_AXA_working_patient_Facebook app

This was followed with a Facebook contest hosted on an app – ‘Share Your Story’. The contest invited fans to share their story when they had to work while being ill. The most overwhelming personal story had a chance to win iPod shuffles.

The same was followed by the Twitter handle of Bharti AXA. Most of the conversations revolve around the hashtag #WorkingPatient though content shared is similar to the ones on Facebook.

Building awareness through social

Most of us aren’t aware of health insurance plans and how they are different from life insurance but nevertheless end up buying some kind of insurance. For an insurance brand in this scenario, creating awareness for a relatively new plan that helps when one is critically ill becomes a challenge then. But, Bharti AXA seems to be doing a good job of it on social media. The concept of the Working Patient will surely help in category recall.

Storytelling through funny videos and then getting the community to share their own stories of working while being seriously ill is way better than talking about the key benefits of the plan, list of critical illnesses covered, its claim process and financial compensations. Nice to see Bharti AXA engaging through storytelling on social media.