Creative Watch: Interesting Women’s Day visuals & gifs of 2017

A list of the interesting Women’s Day visuals & GIFs of 2017 by Indian brands that take their visual content marketing efforts to heart

best women's Day visuals 2017

Brands have been wooing women ever since the advent of advertising. And with social media around, brands are having a gala time engaging with them. March 8, International Women’s Day turned into a day of celebration, a day where several brands chose to dedicate an ode to women. With visual communication forming the main arm, creatives in the form of illustrations and gifs paid tribute to the spirit of a woman.

A number of Indian brands also rolled out digital films celebrating women. The loving mother, the caring sister, the dependable friend, the helpful neighbour, the friendly colleague and many more all play an important role in brand videos. Read: Interesting Women’s Day videos 2017′.

We bring you here, a list of the interesting Women’s Day visuals & GIFs of 2017 by Indian brands that take their visual content marketing efforts to heart.

Red Bull India

Red Bull wings are exactly what we superwomen need!

Mother Dairy

Nice brand connect here.


A woman should live like a woman, Bisleri takes a cue from P&G’s ‘like a girl’.

Philips Sound

To the point!

US Fresh Fruit

This is an interesting one, says it all in one illustration.

Fortune Foods

Women do add all this and also take away the complexities of life.

Apollo Tyres

Nice gif here but why is the woman at the wheel waving at us?!

Logitech India

Continues on its theme of multi-tasking, women are a natural fit.

Disney India

Being bold, brave and ourselves is the toughest thing to be!

Daikin India

I completely vouch for this smooth multitasker of a woman!

Godrej Aer

A fragrant drive specially in the summers!


There’s a smart underlying message to the men too…. by the brand!


Good illustrations building up the engagement.


Keep smiling! Keep shining!


This one is so adorable!


Love the bright colours here!


I like the concept here.

The Viral Fever

A little twist to the logo.


Sweet illustration and copy.

Moto India

Moto visualizes its latest positioning – #Uncompromise in this slick creative.

Tinder India

Swipe right for this gif!


The insurance brand makes its point.


The nutritional drink pays tribute to all the women of strength.


The online marketplace has probably envisioned Whitney Houston’s “I’m every woman.”


This one’s simple yet clever from the store brand.

Do share your favourites with us.