43 of the coolest Teachers’ Day visuals & gifs of 2016

A random compilation of the interesting visuals and gifs shared by brands on social media on the occasion of Teachers' Day 2016

Alexander the Great earned the title owing to his undefeated spree in battle. By the age of thirty, he ruled over one of the largest empires of the ancient world, stretching from Greece to northwestern India. The ultimate conqueror, whose military tactics are still taught in military academies all over the world, one of the most influential person in human history, Alexander the Great owes it all to his teacher - the Greek philosopher Aristotle. He famously stated, “I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.”

A teacher helps shape our thoughts, build a ship for ourselves and lets us sail through the sea of life. Good or bad, a teacher makes a profound impact on our young minds, and is certainly remembered often in our difficult times ahead.

It was Teachers’ Day on Monday, September 5, a day when the nation pays tribute to teachers, as a mark of respect to S Radhakrishnan, one of India’s scholars who believed that “teachers should be the best minds in the country”. His birthday has been celebrated as Teachers’ Day every year since 1962.

While schools and colleges in India commemorated their teachers, brands found another apt occasion to bond with their consumers. ‘Happy Teachers’ Day’ began trending on most popular social networks in the country and brands in every business got into the act. We bring you here, a random compilation of the interesting visuals and gifs shared by brands on social media on the occasion of Teachers’ Day 2016:


The airline gets creative with smart use of puns in its gif.

Tata Docomo

The telecom brand captures the horrors of teaching in the digital age!

HDFC bank

The bank indulges in a series of smart visuals and smarter copywriting as a tribute to teachers. Cool brand connect there!

NDTV Good Times

The food and lifestyle channel pokes a little fun at teachers, maybe it’s the curriculum we need to blame though!

Nikon India

The camera company takes a deep dive into philosophy.


The carrier keeps it social media savvy - it’s fun matching your teachers with social networks.

Center Fresh India

We all have that teacher, or in my case ‘had’ that teacher! Fun take by the fun brand.

Penguin Books India

The publisher never fails to amaze us with its visuals. Sharing these minimal posters of famous classics is a great tool at engaging the millennials.

UC Browser

Well, we never forget our quirky teachers and the names we gave them!

Horlicks Oats

The oats brand commemorates fitness gurus, who else!

Pulse Candy

This tiny little candy captures what every student remembers of school days!


The brand is all about sparkling smiles!

Moto India

The smartphone maker keeps it simple, but I’d wish for it to get rid of the logo or embed it more creatively into the visual story.


The online market gets it right. We can’t agree more!

Himalaya Men

Smart use of a stock image and a wacky copy by the men’s grooming brand.

Dunkin Donuts

A treat for donut lovers… the copy takes the cake though… oops the donut!

Nivea India

We often end up absorbing little lines from our teachers, nice take by Nivea.


The snack brand is always talking about angles, rather its now famous ‘mad angles’.

McDonald’s India

I just couldn’t help laughing at this one… it’s a classic!

Cafe Coffee Day

Yes, our teachers do deserve full marks.

Volkswagen India

The auto maker gets full marks for this visual.

Mad Over Donuts

Most of us can surely relate to this witty, relevant visual by the donut maker.


The women’s magazine rolls out a series on inspiring women leaders who stressed on education.


The budget hotel chain imagines a super teacher and her super class.


Travel indeed is the best teacher!

Foodpanda India

We just realized that! Thank you, Foodpanda!

Shoppers Stop

The retail chain pays a colourful tribute to teachers.

Microsoft India

The tech company is on a week-long celebration of innovative educators.


The vision care company had on offer a free home eye check-up for your teachers.


The digital payments company captures the nuances of happiness in school life.

Hyundai India

The auto brand cleverly defines what a bright future means in this visual.

ICICI bank

The bank has rolled out several gifs highlighting instances when our teachers were much more for us.

OLX India

The quirky brand hosted a quirky ‘filmy teacher’ contest.

Burger King India

The burger brand keeps it witty this Teachers’ Day.


The bank engaged its fans with a ‘teachers as friends’ themed contest.

CenturyPly India

The plyboard maker always finds a way to pitch its latest positioning - ‘Sab sahe mast rahe‘.

Wai Wai

Noodle lovers sure know the lessons of life learnt by eating noodles regularly.

Opera India

The mobile apps maker pays a graphical tribute to teachers.


Do let us know your favourites.