5 memorable Teachers’ Day videos of 2016

A curated list of Teachers' Day videos of 2016 wherein brands have used storytelling or a theme to bring about respect for our teachers and built a positive image with each story

This Teachers’ Day on Monday, September 5, the entire nation paid tribute to teachers, as a mark of respect to S Radhakrishnan, one of India’s eminent scholars who believed that “teachers should be the best minds in the country”. His birthday has been celebrated as Teachers’ Day every year since 1962.

While schools and colleges in India commemorated their teachers, brands found another apt occasion to bond with their consumers. “Happy Teachers’ Day” began trending on most popular social networks in the country, several brands joined in the conversations and good wishes floating on the social web, armed with creative visuals and gifs. Here is a random compilation of the interesting visuals and gifs marking Teachers’ Day 2016 on social media, wherein many brands rolled out creative, quirky or inspiring takes on teachers, in keeping with the brand ethos.

A handful of brands chose to roll out videos dedicated to teachers. Here is a curated list of Teachers’ Day videos of 2016 wherein brands have used storytelling or a theme to bring about respect for our teachers and built a positive brand image with each video story.

Paper Boat

This Teachers’ Day, the traditional drinks maker decided to finally send that long overdue Teachers’ Day card. As the scenes in the film take you back to school, the notebooks, the piles of homework, and of course that one teacher who was always very strict, a student’s voiceover reads out the card, which is more like a letter.

It begins as ‘Dear Hitesh Sir…” but is reflective of teachers most of us can identify with. Teaching even after the bell has rung and making the next teacher wait, or walking in before the bell could ring and waiting for no one. Not allowing more than one student to go to the toilet, etc. In the brand’s own words, the card is dedicated to the teacher who did not give a free period even on Teachers’ Day.

Exide Life Insurance

Ever since Exide Life Insurance has embarked on a new brand positioning journey with ambassador, MS Dhoni, the brand is keen on instilling a disciplined approach to financial investments and planning. Armed with a new tagline “Lamba saath, bharose ki baat,” its marketing initiatives have been designed to build desired brand awareness and trust. As an extension of building long term relationship, Exide Life had introduced the ‘My Money Book’, a planner to keep all your financial planning in check. One can get this for herself or gift this to a dear one.

In the brand film, a couple is seen in the process of moving and packing when the husband goes to the landlady to return the keys. From their interactions, we can know the landlady is not a very likable character. But, we are in for a surprise when she offers him a seat and some tea, and expresses her awareness of their dislike for her. She explains about their carelessness: leaving the lights on, forgetting to pay commodity bills, etc. She then gifts him the Exide Life ‘My Money Book’ and shares how important it is for them to begin planning their life right now. She shares a little about her own delay in understanding the importance of financial planning.

As the couple leave in their car, the husband is seen waving a goodbye to his evil landlady turned well wisher! Not exactly a Teachers’ Day video, but the brand salutes anybody who instills a good habit in you.

Pearson India

Every Teachers’ Day at school, we used to make greeting cards for our favorite teachers and sometimes our class teacher. We don’t know what they did with those cards or how precious they were to the teacher but this film by education brand Pearson India makes you think about it from a teacher’s perspective.

In the 2-minute film, an old teacher is seen passing her fingers tenderly over a journal with many greeting cards. A smile lights up her face as she reads through each one and is reminded of the good old days of teaching. Just then she is interrupted by a doorbell, and standing there are three of her students with bouquets in their hands. She goes back in time when this little student had wished her years ago, and they all end up laughing and remembering the school days. The brand urges the viewer to wish their teacher or anyone who they’ve learnt from this Teachers’ Day.

Muscle Blaze

The fitness brand dedicated the day to trainers without which one cannot hope to achieve a healthy, fit body. The brand’s Teachers’ Day video features a number of guys with well-toned muscles talking about their trainer. They share the importance of having a trainer to exercise the right way, to keep you motivated and how they owe a disciplined workout regime to their trainer.

Ford India

The automaker asked a group of accomplished people from various walks of life: a journalist, a bike designer, a photographer, an audit analyst, an HR manager, among many more, about their teachers and the relationship they shared with them. During this while, the respondents as well as the viewer, realize that teachers may not be remembered fondly but they sure are responsible in shaping our lives today. In the end they were asked if they had ever called or visited their teacher after having finished education. None of them had!

The film ends with the brand’s positioning ‘Go Further’, urging people to thank their teachers over a call this Teachers’ Day.

Do let us know your favourites. In case you’ve come across deserving Teachers’ Day videos that should be included in this list, let us know in the comments.