Indian Brands That Impressed Us With Their Real-Time Content Marketing Stunts

Several brands follow a rigid content strategy when it comes to their social media engagement, but real win comes with real time content that makes a memorable impression

The fast paced social media times of today leave no leeway for a casual conversation anymore. To add to that, there’s a truckload of stories – images, memes, gifs, videos, messages that steal your time and your attention. Heaped to the brim, consumers are usually suffering from a syndrome called ‘information overload’.

This means it has become increasingly tougher for brands to catch hold of their consumers’ time and also make a meaningful impact in that jiffy. With more and more brands indulging in a sound content marketing strategy for their social media properties, and investing in a weekly content engagement plan for each of their social channels, social feeds of many are almost cluttered with nearly similar content.

There are the Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, Republic Day visuals and then there are the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day videos that rake in the likes, shares and comments. Brands aren’t even letting go of days like Siblings day!

But then there are moments that if capitalized upon can be a big win. For forward-thinking brands looking to connect with Gen-Y, these real time connections made via a quick content are the only way to stand apart. Be it the sudden lose of a loved celebrity, or a much unexpected win, these brands are always prepared with their band of creators, visualizers, graphic designers and a brand manager to seal the deal quickly.

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When the Chief Minister of Delhi hit upon a unique idea to tackle the city’s growing traffic and pollution, it led to intense debate and much speculation on its efficacy. It made national and international headlines resulting in nearly everyone talking about the now infamous ‘Odd-Even policy’ - wherein vehicles could ply on roads based on the license number on their plates being odd or even on a particular day.

Analysts are still skeptical of how much it helped reduce pollution and kept traffic at bay, but Mentos India had rolled out an apt visual. The quirky mouth-freshening gum brand shared a visual representation in tribute to the success of the odd-even policy:

A lot more brands could have minted on the buzz, but chose to stay mum, the capital city is also one of the world’s most polluted city.

David Bowie, the singer, songwriter, actor and record producer passed away in January this year, triggering a massive #RIP wave on social media. Several brands jumped on to pay their tributes but this one by Lenovo India was the perfect visual. It managed to seamlessly match Bowie’s ever evolving avatar with the brand’s rebranded  philosophy - Never stand still.

When PM Modi called upon Indians to start up, the nation was abuzz with talks about the government’s first major push in Indian entrepreneurship. ‘Startup India’ was all the rage and tech and business publications only talked about Modi government’s latest stint.

For The Viral Fever, this was a perfect time to celebrate one of its most popular video series TVF Pitchers, that was about four aspiring friends who quit their jobs to start their own venture. For the uninitiated, ‘Tu beer hain‘ is all humbug, but for devout TVF fans, it became a must-use dialogue with friends. TVF came out with this perfect meme of Modi and his ‘Startup India’ movement.

When Netflix, the world’s top video streaming service came to India, it became the talk of the town. Now even we could say, ‘Netflix and chill’ to everybody’s post weekend question - what did you do in the weekend? Naturally, restaurant search app Zomato found the occasion ripe to make a quick promo content for the new Netflixers. The idea was to establish ‘Netflix and chill with Zomato’.

And when there’s chill, there’s Foster’s. The beer brand welcomed Netflix to India with this apt but not-so-appealing visual. Netflix isn’t yet full of exciting shows for a healthy subscriber base in India, but these brands however rose to the initial buzz on social media.

This year’s most awaited and massively marketed superhero movie Deadpool became a rage amongst youngsters. Deadpool was funny, deadpool was crazy, deadpool was unlike any other superhero before him. The lead character played by Ryan Reynolds became the favourite of this quirky millennial generation and everything ‘deadpool’ deserved a ‘dekho’. Flipkart came up with this visual on a weekend that coincided with Valentine’s day:

Flipkart also prepared well in advance for Satyajit Ray’s birthday. Not so much real time, but hardly any brand paid tribute to India’s Oscar-winning filmmaker on that day.

Close competitor Amazon India also remembers birthdays of yesteryear actors. This was an engaging gif by the brand on the occasion of actor Jeetendra’s birthday.

This April, NBA legend Kobe Bryant played the last game of his 20 year superlative career with the Los Angeles Lakers. He also gave an emotional farewell speech referencing his popular nickname Black Mamba, he signed off saying ‘Mamba Out’ flying a kiss to the screaming crowds and laying his mike on the floor. Amazon India rolled out this apt gif in honour of Mamba:

VH1 India had many plans for the day including a day-long contest for its music-loving community. But, there was a sad demise in music world. Prince, the talented multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and record producer who gave us many classics passed way on April 21. VH1 India shifted to RIP mode with this visual and resorted to playing the Prince’s legendary numbers all day long.

Sennheiser India also rose to the occasion with this gif featuring Prince in his popular avatars, always confident, always charismatic.

When the sixth season of Game of Thrones was to arrive, everyone went GoT. Diehard fans of the show could only talk about GoT and nothing else. Micromax India, the second largest smartphone seller in the country, made a quick pun on phones along with its brand new avatar.

Leicester City was the underdog in the English Premier League, nobody expected the club to make their mark. But this year it went on to win the Premier League title with all players putting up a stunning performance. Flipkart paid a graphic tribute to the Foxes in this visual, a treat for football buffs.

When two DC Comic heroes were pitted against each other in this year’s superhero movie ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ the world was abuzz with choosing sides. For milk flavouring straw brand Sipahh, this was an opportune moment to indulge in some realtime content.

Another recent example is this one by Philips Sound. The brand in the business of sound rolled out this cute little gif to celebrate 36 years of  our favourite arcade game Pacman. It is impressive to see how the brand weaved itself seamlessly with the arcade game.

In this ever-on age of social media notifications, every brand is looking to discover that ‘big moment’ to connect with its ever-on digital consumer. As the world engages with one another in real-time, its ‘timely’ content that brings about memorable conversations and thereby lasting bonds.

Do share if you know of any other real time visuals or gifs that deserve a mention here.