6 meaningful, hilarious & thought-provoking Raksha Bandhan videos of 2016

This year brands indulged in impactful digital films that touched upon emotions, pranks, a sibling's pride and what sibling protection really means

In a religiously diverse country like India, Raksha Bandhan is one festival that unites people across their faith. The festival dedicated to the sacred bond between brothers and sisters is acknowledged and celebrated with great fervour across various states in the country.

A festive occasion that involves gifting cannot go unnoticed by brands.  Several brands in varied sectors joined in the festive spirit and with visual content holding the key to some quick and timely social engagement, Raksha Bandhan this year saw some creative visuals, gifs and witty contests engaging users on social media. Read: 35 Creative Raksha Bandhan visuals & gifs of 2016.

Brands leveraged the occasion to build a bond with their community, and harvest some brand love with interesting visual storytelling. Many sought to take viewers back in time with little tales capturing the mischievous yet adorable relationship between brothers and sisters.

A handful of them also indulged in digital films that touched upon emotions, pranks, a sibling’s pride and what protection really means.. Here’s a list of interesting videos shared by brands on Raksha Bandhan 2016:

Amazon India #DeliverTheLove

Amazon India’s Raksha Bandhan campaign is a memorable one. The 2-minute digital film manages to pierce through your heart and stir up some feelings hidden deep inside, especially in this age when we are used to sending and receiving gifts through ecommerce or courier companies.

An old man is getting ready for a trip, even as his son tries to dissuade him due to his poor health. The son also finds a way out, he advises him to send a rakhi gift to his sister from the large range on the Amazon app. Our busy old man takes a pause from his packing and tells the son that it is not about the gift - it is her smile that he is looking forward to, and that is something he will miss if he delivers the gift from Amazon!

Tanishq ‘Sisterhood’

While the whole of India focused their flashlights on brothers and sisters, this is one jewellery brand that chose to stand out from the crowd in its Raksha Bandhan digital film celebrating sisterhood. Inspired by the thought “Side by side or miles apart, sisters are always connected by the heart,” the nearly 2-minute film takes us through the sweet and sour journey of two sisters who are poles apart in their temperament but bonded by the heart always. There are kitchen experiments, boyfriend stories, heartbreak stories and much more the duo share with each other.


The online destination for designer jewellery collaborated with Pocket Aces, a digital entertainment company to come up with a hilarious sketch this Raksha Bandhan. It captures the real life love-hate relationship between a brother and sister in the most realistic tone possible with a smooth product embed that does not come in the way of storytelling.

Ultra Tech Cement #RealRaksha

The cement brand from Aditya Birla Group chose to make a meaningful impact through its Raksha Bandhan digital film. It highlighted the roots of a problem eating into our society and idea of protection of girls i.e. eve teasing.

The 2-minute film opens at a Rakhi scene at home when the sister is preparing the thali as her brother is waiting eagerly. He inquires if a certain guy is still troubling her or should he break his bones. The sister tells him it isn’t necessary anymore but what is necessary for her ‘Real Raksha’ and that of all sisters is that he and his gang stop teasing girls in their locality.

Castrol Activ “Chal Udte Hain”

Castrol Activ is stuck with its vision of ‘Chal Udte Hain’, first with a film featuring Monali Thakur on Women’s Day, and now with a beautiful digital film on Raksha Bandhan. The brand teamed with Culture Machine’s digital channel ‘Blush’ for a fun 4.37 minute film with a poignant message.

The film starts with this annoyed sister who isn’t responding to her brother’s messages. She then receives an email from him saying he understands why she’s angry and this isn’t an apology email. It then reads about how proud he is of her and her growing confidence over the years, reading which she begins to smile. The events portray how brothers need not be there to protect their sisters but make them capable enough to protect themselves.

NEXT Retail #NextKaSalaam RakshaKaPaigam

Videocon’s retail subsidiary NEXT Retail launched a campaign for our soldiers at the borders this Raksha Bandhan. Every store stocked rakhis to be sent to our brothers at the border. The initiative titled #NextKaSalaam RakshaKaPaigam saw a heartwarming digital film that reflected upon a sister and her army brother and how every Raksha Bandhan was celebrated and is being celebrated even after his demise.

The girl is seen making beautiful rakhis for her brother every Raksha Bandhan, a tradition she continues even when he loses his life. Only now she makes a box of rakhis for all her brothers at the border.

Do let us know your favourites in this list, and in case you’ve stumbled upon films that should have been listed here, let us know in the comments.