Creative Watch: 2017 New Year visuals & gifs

A list of creative New Year brand visuals and gifs of 2017, that have made the cut for being appealing, creative and connecting with the brand ethos

New year visuals 2017

2017 commenced with a bang right on a Sunday and we knew life would never be the same again. The coolest tech innovations are getting closer even as tried and tested communication tools refuse to fade away. We are talking about visuals; remember the ancient adage, ‘A picture speaks a thousand words.’ Well, it still holds true and even more so in this socially connected age.

Posts with pictures rake in higher engagement numbers; research explains the science behind this: the human brain processes images faster than text. Which makes it imperative for brands to make their point in a quick visual, easier to consume while the user scrolls down her social feeds, and if processed as witty, inspiring or memorable, spark the likes, hearts, shares and probably comments. The tradition continues. This New Year saw an array of brands roll out creatives wishing their fans and followers in the most memorable way they could.

We bring you here, a random list of New Year brand visuals and gifs of 2017, that have made the cut for being appealing, creative and connecting with the brand ethos.

Disney India

The shiny disco balls have been strategically placed in Disney’s visual, we like it!

Society Tea

It takes a tea brand to enlighten us about this year as per the Chinese Zodiac and strengthen its association with ‘brand new’.


The travel brand is looking to spark your travel plans.


It’s nice to see the matrimonial site convey its messages through the adorable mascots

OLX India

All that the used goods online marketplace wishes for is that we ‘let go’ this 2017, and bring more business to the brand!

Tata Coffee Grand

Simple and to the point by the coffee brand.

Animal Planet India

Well, attacking the new year looks like a cool strategy to adopt from the animal world.

Mad over Donuts

The donut maker keeps it simple.


A list of bold new year resolutions to live by, or what BBlunt stands for, smart one!

Allen Solly

All we need is a ‘solly’ good year indeed!

Muscle Blaze

A smart one by the maker of supplements.

Daikin India

A cheerful one by Daikin.

Mother Dairy

The dairy brand has been on a roll with its ‘Moo’ jokes.

Mahindra XUV500

An interesting gif by the automaker.


The Frooti Life continues to be personified in the brand’s visuals.


A wiity one by the dating app.

Moto India

Moto sticks to Hello in its New Year visual.

Mumbai Indians

Cool one by the IPL team, a memorable visuals for its followers.

Penguin Books India

The publisher has been on a roll doling out fresh inspiration from acclaimed authors this 2017.

BMW India

The automaker looks to build aspiration in its New Year greeting.


The dating app is vying to get more women on to the app.

Coolpad India

The smartphone maker rolls an interesting one in this gif.

Nivea India

The skin care brand has associated itself with positive words in this word maze.

Nikon India

A neat one by the camera brand.


The budget hotel chain plays with your eyes, before you know, it’s 2017!

Renault India

The automaker has multiple messages in this one visual.

Philips Sound India

Smartly placed products, simple visual.

UC Browser

The mobile browser keeps its simple and lively.

Fujifilm India

Fujifilm has been pitching the Instax but this one’s a cheerful one.

Horlicks Oats

Fast food makers are not going to approve of what this Oats maker wants us to give up on this 2017!

Mentos India

Witty New Year resolutions to follow, courtesy the brainiest mint ever!

Meru Cabs

A message-drive visual by the cab hailing app.


A fun one by the candy looking to associate with being ‘chatakedar‘.


The Zoozoos are at it again in this celebration gif.

Paper Boat

The maker of packaged traditional drinks has been a constant in rolling out visuals taking us down memory lane.

Pizza Express India

Who would have imagined pizza slices toasting to the good times!


Another round of sparkling smiles, Happydent stays true to its promise.


The one dominant digital payments player post demonetisation makes its New Year message loud and clear.

Doublemint India

The newly launched gum is sticking to its core message of ‘start something fresh’.

Chupa Chups

A fun gif by the maker of sweet and sour candy and lollipops.

Whiskas India

A 360 degree Facebook video makes it a memorable interaction for a cat owner.

Happy 2017!