The 20 Best Mother’s Day Videos Of 2016 By Indian Brands

A curated list of Mother's Day videos shared by Indian brands this year, in which brands have chosen to pay tributes to moms as well as send a message to kids


It’s that time of the year when mothers are thanked by one and all, and most delightfully by brands. While some of the women-targeting brands did come up with promotional campaigns for their special discounts for the day, several others invested in engaging their virtual community with adorable tributes to mothers. A majority have chosen to explore the many facets of a mother-daughter relationship this Mother’s Day, and a few have powerful messages for children.

Here, we’ve curated a list of the best Mother’s Day videos rolled out by brands, both new and old looking to bond better with their consumers.


Ethnic wear brand Biba has chosen to acknowledge the sacrifices made by mothers in its Mother’s Day short film. Again drawing focus on a mother-daughter relationship, the video has a message for all young women out there.

Bajaj Electricals

This video by Bajaj Electricals runs like a short film but it leaves a long impact on the mind. The video takes us through the day of a mother and son, who cannot meet as the son is too busy. But, when the mother realizes what her son did as a gesture of his love, she is left with tears of joy.

Jabong India

Actor Manish Paul surprises his mother and how, in this video for Jabong India. Watch it and as the brand states, “We dare you not to cry.”

Britannia Good Day

Britannia Good Day, the cookie that believes in spreading smiles, shows you that a day is always good with your mom around. The film features a sweet mother-daughter duo who separate as the daughter wants to live on her own, but is not free from her mom’s caring nature. Watch what happens in her moment of realization.


This video by UrbanClap is not just another video exploring the mother-daughter relationship, it manages to smartly squeeze in a little brand message, about how it can be second best after mothers when it comes to sorting your life.


The online jewellery store takes a leaf out from one mother and her grateful son’s life. While the mother is teasing her son, little does she know about the surprise in store for her!

Dettol India

This is the season of letters and this video by Dettol India captures a beautiful letter from a mom addressed as ‘Dear Baby’, while adorable babies go about doing what they do best – being adorably adventurous.

Nivea India

Words cannot describe this one by Nivea India. I dare you not to cry.


One of India’s largest marketplace took a realistic approach for its Mother’s Day tribute video. It got people sharing about their ‘dramebaaz‘ mothers always looking to dote on them. The twist in the end is a burst of emotions though.


Vistara opted to showcase ‘a world that functions with clockwork precision when Mum is around,’ this Mother’s Day. The minute-long video takes us through an array of situations where kids are waiting for their moms to sort them out.


Practo, your online help in finding the right doctor, has cleverly weaved in its message this Mother’s Day. The brand’s video is a tribute to the first doctor you ever called!


Music app Gaana asked people to sing to their moms. While everyone remembered the song their mothers sang for them, they did not ever sing for their mothers. It ends with Amal and Armaan Mallik singing to their mom.

JK Tyres

The tyre brand had hosted a contest for Mother’s Day where people who went the extra mile for their mothers would be rewarded. The video is a slice of life film about a mother and her super busy son who always preferred to be with his friends than his mother.


Can single mothers cope without a man in their life? Even as society tells you it is not possible to live life fully and also raise your kids without a man in your life, HouseJoy’s Mother’s Day video throws light on real single mothers who are coping with life and parenting smoothly. HouseJoy provides plumbers, electricians and more at your doorstep, so that’s a smart video there.


The online portal for the young and fashionable rolled out a short video on the changing relationships between mothers and their children.

Pepsodent India

Who can not like videos with cute kiddos! Pepsodent India rolled out this sweet video of some really mischievous kids who get scolded a lot by their moms. There is a clever product promotion too, which perhaps might not go down well with some folks.

Pillsbury India

If you thought Mother’s Day is only about biological mothers, this one by Pillsbury India is a must watch. There are many mother figures in our life, and they could do with some appreciation.

Animal Planet India

The channel brought forth the love of a pet-mother in its short video. The story revolves around an entire day of this mother and her doggy child from morning till night.

Nutralite India

Do young people like to accept friend requests by their moms? The changing social equations between moms and their kids as they grow up in this social networking age, have been explored through one aspect - a Facebook friend request sent by over enthusiastic mothers to their kids, who find it intrusive. Nutralite India wants kids to ‘keep it lite’ with moms, and accept their pending friend request.


Cashback and coupon website CashKaro’s Mother’s Day video is all about realizing the worth of your mother in making you who you are. The story takes us through a daughter’s moment of realization.

Do let us know your favourites from this list. Also tell us if you know of a deserving video we forgot to include in this list.