5 Interesting Ad Films From Insurance Brands

A list of 5 interesting ad campaigns launched by life insurance brands in this season of investments

Insurance is viewed largely as a tax-saving instrument in India. People put aside money every year to “invest” in insurance but is insurance really good only as an investment tool? With the tax season upon us, life insurance brands have been bracing up with new communication campaigns that tell us how important it is to be insured beyond looking at it just as an investment product.

Life insurance companies have been invading all forms of media including digital. Most have resorted to storytelling as it’s the most effective tool to convey the brand message, however, this has led to a heap of life insurance stories being shared on social feeds. And the onslaught has little to differentiate brands from the clutter of ad campaigns.

Father-son, Father-daughter, Son-old parents, Husband-wife, most of these relationships have formed the crux of life insurance campaigns since ages. So, what can be done differently to stand out in the clutter?

Here we look at how much ‘different’ can one be, when it comes to promoting life insurance in the digital space, with our focus on five major life insurance brands that have launched some interesting campaigns this tax-saving season:

1) Tata AIA ‘#DaddyAurZooey’

As you can make out from the name, ‘Daddy aur Zooey’ is Tata AIA’s attempt at telling an endearing story of a father and his son Zooey. Here the daddy is not the conventional superhero - he is pushed around in queues or gets entangled in blankets - but makes up for it nevertheless, and is quite adorable as is his son.

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The four-minute ad film conceptualized by JWT tells the story of their unique relationship, while stressing on how we live for the good of our dear ones, in line with the insurance brand’s recent rebranding around ‘Making good happen’.

2) Birla Sun Life Insurance ‘#KhudKoKarBuland’

Birla Sun Life Insurance (BSLI), the life insurance arm of Aditya Birla Financial Services Group rolled out a moving story of a single father’s grit and determination in raising his autistic son. Conceptualised by Taproot India, the three-and-a-half minute film titled ‘Khud ko kar buland’ managed to create a decent buzz on social media, despite the insurance brand not having a presence on social.

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The father is seen going through one life trial after another but always manages to take care of his son’s dreams as well as his own. The film ends with a rather poignant message of protecting your loved ones as well as your dreams, given the unpredictability of life.

3) Max Life Insurance ‘#Second Chance’

Max Life Insurance chose to take a realistic approach in its latest campaign titled ‘Second Chance’. It brings forth true stories of people who have had a close encounter with death and how the experience jolts them into realization to not take their lives for granted. In a series of three films about Avani Bhati, Dr. Raj Anand and Shalabh Goglani, the viewer is taken through the experience of getting a second chance at life.

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With Ogilvy & Mather as creative agency and Flying Cursor as the digital, the brand sought to sensitize consumers with the help of real stories, while laying emphasis on the importance of life insurance.

4) SBI Life Insurance #GreatDad

SBI Life Insurance – the joint venture life insurance company between State Bank of India (SBI) and BNP Paribas Assurance – chose to go the ‘dad’ way again. Its recent campaign ‘Great Dad’ conceptualised by Ogilvy and Mather started by asking dads the fundamental question, ‘Are you a great dad?’

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The ad film is centered around an army man and the nonstop question nudging his conscience of whether he is a great dad to his little son. Taking a viewer through their time spent together, it talks about how ‘great dads’ always make sure to be there for their kids even in their absence.

5) HDFC Life ‘#MyFamilyMyPride’

HDFC Life chose to depict the beautiful relationship of a father and daughter, with an inspiring twist. The life insurance brand’s latest campaign #MyFamilyMyPride focused on family pride and how important it is for a father to instil a spirit of independence into his children.

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Conceptualised by Leo Burnett, the 3-minute film features a heart warming story of a father and his beloved daughter who dreams of being a dancer. Her prosthetic leg never comes in the way of her dream with the encouraging father around The father here isn’t pampering his daughter with everything the world has to offer, but makes her stand on her feet, literally.

Do let us know your views on these. Which are your favourites from this list?