22 Best Indian Social Media Campaigns Of 2012

Listing the 22 best Indian social media marketing campaigns of 2012.

2012 was not only about Facebook campaigns in the Indian social media circuit; the space also saw some amazing well integrated social media campaigns. These campaigns were creative, driven by an objective and at the same time also made sure that they were integrated in a rational way to yield maximum reach.

So here is the list of 22 amazing Indian social media marketing campaigns that stood out in 2012, in no ranking order. Every campaign is a winner in its own way.

1. #MakeHellCool: Fastrack, the bold and definitive youth brand that emphasises on ‘moving on’ in life, came up with an exciting campaign to target its young consumer segment. The campaign called “Make Hell Cool” is based on the end of the world prophecy by the Mayans where the world would be ending on the 21st of December. Beginning a week prior to doomsday, the campaign urged youth to sin as much as they want so they could be a winner in hell! Make Hell Cool had a dedicated website that served as a one-stop location for the campaign, along with an integrated presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Read the entire campaign here.


2. The Straight Hair Experiment: Unilever owned Sunsilk launched a one-of-its-kind campaign called ‘The Straight Hair Experiment’ during the season of winter chills and dry frizzy hair. Sunsilk involved bloggers and its Facebook community with the idea of sourcing crazy hair straightening ideas with a blogging contest and had integrated the campaign with Facebook and Twitter as well. Read the entire campaign here.


3. Food Housie: Faaso’s - the brand that has always been synonymous with wraps and a brand that loves social media recently launched the ‘Faaso’s Food Housie’ game. Fans were invited to play the age old housie game on social media every two weeks and win coupons from the brand. The campaign was not only unique and engaging but we are sure that it was a smart way to bring some sales too! Read the entire campaign here.


4. Secret Diaries: Unilever owned FMCG brand, Dove launched its new hair fall treatment product via real women sharing their experiences with the product through videos and blog posts, in the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Diary. The campaign used YouTube as a major social media channel along with its global Facebook page to run an exciting quiz around the stories. Surely a cool campaign for a product launch via social media. It managed to build ample curiosity and moreover offered the product as the prize to quiz winners, thus completing the cycle. Read the entire campaign here.

Dove_hairfall secret_diaries

5. Drive with MTV: MTV and Tata Nano created history by organizing India’s first 21 day social road trip called “Drive With MTV’ where 4 teams formed out of 16 participants, had to undertake a road trip of 2500 kms in 21 days, armed with a Tata Nano and Rs. 50K each. Each team had a social media engagement score based on the likes, comments, video views, etc. accumulated by posting content on social media sites and driving engagement through their social network. Winners were decided not only on the tasks performed but also on the social media engagement score. Read the entire campaign here.

drive with mtv contest

6. Shobhaa De’s ‘Sethji’: Penguin India the publishers of Shobhaa De’s ‘Sethji’ designed an innovative storytelling campaign ‘Who is Sethji’ for the book launch on popular social media channels. The 360 degree marketing promotions for the book launch had interesting pseudo-sting operation YouTube videos and the content on Facebook shared sneak peeks of the characters from the book. At a later stage a blog was launched that revealed shocking secrets about the characters. A complete delight for fans on social media. Read the entire campaign here.

7. Action Starts Here: Blackberry India launched a 360 degree marketing campaign named “Action Starts Here” in the month of August. The essence of the campaign was to find out what does Blackberry stand for and the answer was “Action” and the action starts right away from Blackberry. Hence, the campaign focused on “Action has a symbol” and the brand line was “Action starts here”. The brand created a presence on all social media channels and started a pledge campaign for fans. The pledges that turned into action stood a chance to win a cool BlackBerry device. Read the entire campaign here.


8. #BraveTheStorme: Tata Safari, the Indian auto giant, the pioneer in introducing SUVs on the Indian roads, striked gold with it’s  launch of Tata Safari Storme. Social media grabbed a bigger pie in the product launch and possibly the only Tata car to do so. Facebook and Twitter created the pre-launch buzz among fans. If the pre-launch was not enough, the brand made sure that the hype doesn’t set off early. Later the brand launched a contest on its microsite - #BraveTheStorme which could win you a brand new Tata Safari Storme. Another cool social media product launch campaign. Read the entire campaign here.


 9. #Thunderbird500: Royal Enfield, the Chennai-based manufacturer finally launched the Thunderbird 500 on 11th October, 2012. The brand made sure that it created enough pre-launch buzz and going by the times it made sure that enough thumping was made the social media way. With a very strong online community, the manufacturer not only decided to run a teaser on YouTube, revealing bits about the beauty but in parallel there was an optimum buzz created on Facebook and Twitter too. The brand not only created a cool micro-site revealing the latest bull but timed well with NH7 weekender giving fans a live demo and hampers. Read the entire campaign here.

Royal_Enfield Thunderbird500

10. Save With Subbu: Kotak Mahindra Bank launched ‘Save with Subbu’, a campaign where users can co-author a ‘Smart Savings Book’ along with the brand mascot, Subbu by sharing their saving tips through Facebook or Twitter. Save with Subbu was a smart campaign with a well-aligned objective, highlighting the benefits of smart saving and banking with Kotak Mahindra. Read the entire campaign here.


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11. The Samsung Useless Bid: Samsung Mobile India launched a new integrated social media campaign “The Useless Bid” to create buzz about it’s 7 inch Samsung Tab2 310. Users were invited to participate in bidding on the useless products considered by Samsung and stand a chance to win a new Tab2. The campaign integrated YouTube with an interactive microsite and then buzz was simultaneously created on Facebook and Twitter. Read the entire campaign here.


12. One Tank, 1500Kms, One Classic Story: After re-badging ‘Ford Fiesta Classic’ as ‘Ford Classic’, the company rolled out its first variant – Ford Classic Titanium. On August 10, the company launched a social media campaign with respect to the new launch – “One Tank. 1500Kms. One Classic Story.” The campaign was about chasing the one dream that you have been passionate about all your life along with the new Ford Classic Titanium. Thus started the dream for 11 passionate people from various fields and interests who were divided into 8 teams accompanied by a cinematographer, who would capture the entire journey in her lenses. The story that is most engaging and popular will provide a chance to  the cinematographer to win Rs 100,000. The campaign was well integrated with all major social media channels. Read the entire campaign here.


13. Tweet-A-Tab: Reliance Communications launched a unique treasure hunt for its latest tablet, the V9A in a 5 days-5 cities campaign called ‘Tweet-a-Tab’ where fans had to locate the tab in a Google Map that zooms in with the growing number of tweets. Tweet-a-tab was a beautiful integration of Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps. The location was in a zoomed-out Google map of the city, which kept zooming in, along with the rise in tweets. The tablet location was finally revealed when the zoom on the Google Map was at 100%. Read the entire campaign here.

Tweet-a-tab Reliance social media contest

14. ‘Indian Food League’: Hippo, a brand that is often a favourite example of pundits at seminars was back again with the Indian Food League, a campaign crafted keeping in mind the IPL madness. Indian Food League (IFL) was funny, catchy and had been designed to capture the emotional rivalry amongst Indian cities, that creeps in during the IPL. So instead of saying that today’s match is between Delhi and Punjab, IFL called it Papdi Chaat Vs Aloo Paratha. A microsite followed with an amazing Twitter presence and a Facebook presence made sure that they spread the Hippo love everywhere. The contest was a no brainer one but it’s simplicity and uniqueness inspired us a lot. Read the entire campaign here.

15.  Diesel India’s 2 Anniversary Celebration: On completing its second anniversary recently, Diesel India planned to celebrate and so it organized an April sale for the employees and their near and dear ones. But they had a very short span to promote and Social Media came to their rescue. To gain maximum exposure, the brand along with its agency planned to do a flash mob on Facebook, which was happening for the first time on Facebook. The campaign had designed an amazing microsite which was connected with Facebook Connect and QR codes were used too. The campaign saw more than 5000 signs ups in a very short span. Read the entire campaign here.

Diesel india contest

16. ‘Once Upon A Vespa’: Once Upon A Vespa by Vespa India is one of my favorite campaign along with Diesel India till now. The campaign had just the right dose to educate Indians about the brand’s rich legacy and to do so it made an interactive microsite, well crafted Facebook presence and a Twitter presence. The microsite, which was a delight to see, was the centerstage for the contest but the answers were hidden in the brands Facebook timeline. Besides this Vespa India is one of the very few brands in India which has taken care to use the Facebook timeline effectively. A must read social media campaign and undoubtedly an inspiring one too.


17. ‘Brand New Day’: Society Tea’s ‘Brand New Day’ campaign invited four people to do new things each day in the course of 10 days. It was like fulfilling the small wishes that you always wanted to do but failed to do so and that’s not all, the participants also had to blog about their interesting activities. A very refreshing online campaign and well positioned with the brand. The campaign not only gave a chance to the four people to do certain things they might have wished for, but also created positive word of mouth around the brand. I was happy to see the brand adopting blog as a main strategic tool and then spreading the words from the blog to social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. A must read for marketers who are running behind number of fans.

society tea

18. ‘Time to Change’: Another stellar campaign from Stayfree targeting only females and the whole campaign was planned around the launch of its new product. The brand tied up with Indiblogger  and on Women’s Day, it launched the ‘Be the voice of change’ blogging contest that asked bloggers to share what they would want to change around them. Along with the blogging contest, Stayfree had also tried to run an interesting campaign for it’s community on it’s Facebook brand page. An app was created on Facebook called ‘Bring down the wall of irritation’ which is made up of issues that are irritating to say the least – from child labour, eve teasing and corruption to domestic violence, dowry deaths and begging. The campaign had many takeaways for brands who are engaging on social media. To know the entire story click here.

Stayfree Bring down wall of irritation app

19. ‘Guess Whose Flavor’: The chips giant from Pepsico inc., Lay’s had started the ‘Guess whose Flavour’ campaign in the beginning of April, where six new flavours were introduced. The contest roped in MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Yusuf Pathan, Christopher Gayle, Adam Gilchrist and Kevin Pietersen, as the six cricketers who have co-created a flavor each and you have to guess which cricketer has created which new flavour. 10 lucky guessers can win a trip with a friend to the ICC World Twenty20 Sri Lanka 2012 and enjoy the match from the premier stand plus a luxurious hotel stay. The contest had a dedicated website, a Facebook app as well as a wapsite. The overall concept, design and execution as well as the fun games in the app were worth a mention and to know more about the campaign click here.


20. The Greatest Indian: Infotainment channel, History TV18 in association with CNN IBN and Reliance, had launched a massive hunt for ‘The Greatest Indian’ using television and the digital medium via a poll, set to trigger a national debate on the one question, “Who is the greatest Indian after Independence?” The television show was aided through a website and drove massive engagement and debate through its Facebook and Twitter pages. Read the entire campaign here.

The Greatest Indian hunt by History TV18

21. Ultrabook Race: The Ultrabook Race by Intel was a game of 4 Challengers fighting across 2 countries for $10,000 of prize money, armed with an Ultrabook and their social network. Intel offered four challengers from across the world a chance to go on an adventurous journey all by themselves and compete with each other in real time, in a range of tasks with the help of their Ultrabook and social networks. Apart from an experience of a lifetime, the winner also walked away with $10,000! A smart campaign to promote a product on social media via social media influencers. Read the entire campaign here.

The Ultrabook Race

 22. She Can, You Can: Tupperware India, initially launched an ad campaign titled ‘She Can, You Can’, featuring real-life heroes Chhavi Rajawat, sarpanch at village Soda in Rajasthan and Saloni Malhotra, Founder and CEO of first KPO in rural India – Desicrew Solutions. Later on it extended the campaign on social media that was based on a crowd sourcing strategy of gathering extraordinary stories for the next Tupperware campaign. Along with Facebook, the brand focused on Youtube and Twitter. An interesting campaign that pointed to a new trend in brand endorsements that are roping in people whose real life story matches up with the brand’s vision. Read the entire campaign here.
Tupperware She can, You can Facebook app
We hope to see more of such well integrated and path breaking Indian social media campaigns in 2013 that create benchmarks in the international social media space.