Best Indian digital marketing reads from Lighthouse Insights

Best stories of the week - Rajiv Dingra profile, Prashant Kohli, the accidental advertiser, 12 Best digital marketing campaigns of Q4, 2016, and more


12 Best digital marketing campaigns of Q4, 2016: A curated list featuring the best Indian social media and digital marketing campaigns reviewed at Lighthouse Insights in the fourth quarter of 2016. Read more here.

#SoundsOfSociety: Society Tea blends tea with music brewing a cross-cultural musical collaboration: Society Tea, in collaboration with blueFROG, has initiated a cross-cultural collaborative project with musicians from all over the world, looking to create new beats with elements of Indian music. Read more here.

Rajiv Dingra – the superhero WAT Consult needed: Rajiv Dingra, in an exclusive chat, shares how he decided to run a business at the age of thirteen and the journey to lead a 280 plus team at WAT Consult. Read more here.


The winning brand connect visuals and gifs of 2016: Be it Punctuation Day, Republic Day or Diwali, 2016 saw a phenomenal rise in Indian brands investing in visual content on social media, as images helped establish a memorable brand connect. Read more here.

Prashant Kohli, the accidental advertiser: Prashant Kohli, Senior Director - Planning and Creative at The Glitch, Delhi on his accidental career choice and his journey so far. Read more here.