Best Indian digital marketing reads from Lighthouse Insights

Best of the week from LI - VMAX on AAP Chronicles, Story of virtual reality content production agency Digital Art VRe, 52 Creative Children’s Day visuals & gifs, Interview with Yusuf Omar, Mobile Editor at Hindustan Times, and more


App Chronicles – How VMAX aims to inspire the next generation of app entrepreneurs with inspiring real life stories: The app monetization platform has rolled out season 1 of its exclusive short film series that celebrates the early milestones of India’s app entrepreneurs on their journey towards success. Read more here.

Digital Art VRe – A virtual reality content production agency working with tourism, education and real estate: Ajay Parge and Rugwed Deshpande, Directors at Digital Art VRe, a virtual reality agency based in Pune talk about the content they are creating and how brand experiences are integrated. Read more here.

Yusuf Omar, Mobile Editor at Hindustan Times talks about building the world’s biggest mobile journalism team: Omar believes that selfie journalism is going to drive Indian news rooms, he is creating an army of 750+ journalists to think mobile and create content for the mobile audience. Read more here.

[Sponsored post] – Citi strikes the right chord with their latest campaign #WhatsYourDiwaliDelight

How brands nailed real time visual content marketing during the demonetisation wave: In the chaotic days post demonitisation, not only is India winning the war against black money, but Indian brands are winning the real time content marketing game too. Read more here

52 Creative Children’s Day visuals & gifs of 2016: Children’s Day offers a wide scope for brands to position themselves around joy, curiosity, carefree-ness, and hope, and many brands have indulged in creative visuals around them, this year. Read more here.

#MakeIndiaDiabetesFree – Fortune oil aims to eradicate diabetes from India, the diabetes capital of the world: Adani Wilmar’s Fortune Foods has launched India’s 1st diabetes care oil and is building awareness on how to stay ahead of this chronic disease this World Diabetes Day. Read more here

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