8 memorable Independence Day digital films of 2016

Indian brands have weaved in a social cause to their Independence Day messages, while clever twists at the end make some videos truly memorable this year

The nation celebrated its 70th Independence Day this August 15 with the usual fanfare and flag hoisting ceremonies as every other year. Schools and colleges remained shut after the celebrations and offices looked empty over the long weekend. The air may have been calm but a nation of 1.3 billion cannot deny the struggles it came at.

We remembered our freedom heroes: the men and women who fought ceaselessly for Indian independence from the British Empire, the ones who dedicated their lives to it and most of all the ones who became martyrs of our freedom movement. The PM’s speech at the Red Fort coupled with programs on television re-imagined our freedom struggle lest we forget it.

Digital and social media also played its part. This year, several Indian brands invested in visual storytelling dedicating the day to the heroes who fought for an Independent India. The quirky brands, however, gave independence an altogether new meaning, while others weaved in a clever brand connect. Here are the 70 most creative visuals and gifs by Indian brands celebrating our 70th Independence Day.

A handful of brands also invested in video content this year, a diminishing trend compared to last year. (Read: The 11 Best Independence Day Videos Shared By Brands) Some brands have weaved in a social cause to their messages, while clever twists at the end make some memorable. Here, we bring you a curated list of memorable Independence Day videos launched by Indian brands in 2016:

Robin Hood Army #Mission500K

Musicians and startups joined hands with the Robin Hood Army to fight hunger with #Mission500k. The initiative got students, start-ups, families and corporate offices to rally together and serve meals to 5,00,000 people in India and Pakistan on Independence Day. Start-ups included Uber, Zomato, Snapdeal, Oyo, Grofers, Inshorts, Roposo, InMobi and Pressplay. Farhan Akhtar, Uday Benegal and Vishal Dadlani put together the #Mission500K  anthem.

Vim India

This Independence Day, the dishwashing bar and liquid soap brand emphasized on creating a better future with #ChangeBeginsAtHome. The story of how liberation of an individual brings about a change in the world has been brought to life with the story of Afroz and her journey of freedom. The 3.3 minute film shows how with the support of her family, she became a source of inspiration and helped bring about a progressive change in her village.

Vodafone ‘One Nation, One Song, One Network’

The telecom company found a cool connect to showcase its Vodafone Supernet claimed to be the world’s largest 4G network, through ‘One Nation, One Song, One Network’. Big FM RJs from all over the nation sang Vande Mataram together using Vodafone SuperNet, while a video captured them in action.

Terribly Tiny Talkies

The short film maker is a master at tale twists, and this Independence Day film is a real shocker. Based on the premise that all it takes for a melting pot to turn into a blazing furnace is a mere spark, especially in a multi-religion country like ours, the viewer is left pleasantly surprised and positive at the end.

All India Bakchod

The comedy collective plays its witty best in this nearly 10-minute film, in which deep questions about independence make you question your idea of it. Questions range from “Are we truly independent?” to “Why is Chicken Tikka Masala UK’s national dish?’


The mobile payment company is encouraging India to go cashless, and how! Paytm has taken on corruption in the nation, and tries to prove that a cashless nation is the way to a bribe-less nation in its 90-second film. Three scenarios which seemingly look like situations where bribes would be exchanged traditionally, end up in a refreshing twist instead.


The production company highlights the undying ‘Spirit of India’ in this 2-minute film, which is a clever cut-copy-paste from its numerous blockbusters featuring the Khans of Bollywood and themed around sports and patriotism.

Jet Airways

The minute-long film by the airlines stresses on the joy of flying across India. A female voiceover takes the narration forward as images capture a free India.

Videos seem to be on the decline but nonetheless form an interesting medium to convey a thought, a message and perhaps a newfound brand affinity. Independence Day videos shortlisted here tell us the brand efforts are still on, despite the rising costs associated with producing and distributing a digital film. Hoping to see good storytelling churning out in more and more videos in the future.