How Interactive Avenues launched Johnson & Johnson’s YouTube channel ‘Best For Baby’ to reach out to first time parents

Case study by Interactive Avenues for the launch of Johnson & Johnson's YouTube channel 'Best For Baby', submitted under the category: ‘Best Product Launch’ for LI Digital Awards 2017


The Client

Johnson & Johnson spread its root into India 67 years ago. Since then, the Company has brought many innovative ideas, products and services to improve the health and well-being of people in India. The Company today employs more than 3,000 people and is organized into three business segments: Consumer Healthcare, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals.

The Agency

Interactive Avenues Pvt. Ltd (part of IPG Mediabrands) is a full-service digital marketing company. Launched in 2006, it employs more than 350 people across offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Services offered range from media strategy, planning and buying, creative excellence, search, analytics, mobile, social and ORM. Agency of the Year (since the last 4 years) awarded by Internet and Marketing Association of India (IAMAI) recognizes our expertise in the digital domain.

Problem Statement

When a baby is born, the entire family gets together. Grandparents jump in with advice, aunts with diaper duties, uncles with silly faces, and siblings with wide eyes. When you were born, it is quite likely that your great Indian family too came to be part of your mother’s trusted circle.

But with today’s urban set up, this trusted circle has gotten fragmented. Nuclear families, long-distances, and demanding careers all contribute to the bewilderment of new parents. It is hard to reach out to your mother who is not staying with you. New parents hence resort to getting help online. For these urban Indian parents, the information with an Indian context was negligible and they needed to rely on international content. We needed to create a useful space for new parents that reminded them of home. We needed to create a space which will help new parents to know and identify what is ‘Best for (their) Baby’

In the space of baby care, the internet is awash with searches (2 million+ every month). More than 20 million caregivers on YouTube look for videos on caring for babies. Even though there is content, it lacks an Indian context and credibility. For more than 100 years, Johnson’s Baby has relished the public’s trust in providing the best baby care products and now, a platform for baby care as well.

‘Best for Baby’ became Johnson’s Baby’s vehicle of delivering credible, quality, Indian content to new, urban parents. The platform is a primary source of content and provides millions of caregivers with videos on topics like bathing a baby, packing for a day trip, bedtime routines and massage techniques.

Identified Objectives

  • To reach out to first time moms and dads.
  • Help caregivers find a solution to their baby parenting problems/ queries/ myths through video content.
  • Establish ‘Best for Baby’ as a unified repository of information to aid happy healthy development of Baby.
  • Create brand value and brand love through being there for caregivers throughout their parenting journey.

The Strategy/Execution

How did this journey to help in happy healthy development of the baby take shape?  Johnson’s first analyzed the type of queries that people searched with when it came to parenting. To tackle and provide solutions to the parenting queries most effectively, it partnered with Google (Search and YouTube -  top two search engines), along with other industry mavens.

Relevant content in video format was created with a content production expert to win at the zero moment of truth; which included videos like product demos, testimonials, mommy blogger videos, health care professional’s guides, tips & tricks etc. Google Search and YouTube in-search were used smartly.

Appropriate results threw up on both these platforms each time a particular question was asked by users. For e.g: On Google Search, if someone typed in ‘bathing a baby’, he or she was lead to a content website (corporate website or Babycenter) . On the other hand, if someone typed in ‘how to bathe a baby’, he or she was shown a demo video search result directing to the Best for Baby platform.

Similarly, on YouTube, 3 types of techniques were used: In-Search, where people got video results when searched on YouTube; Sequential bucketing, where if a person searched for how to put a diaper, he was also suggested a video on how to take care of diaper rashes; and finally, Annotations, where from one video, the user was led to another lateral video to maintain the engagement.

Thus, began Johnson’s journey of showcasing what is best for the baby to help caregivers in a happy healthy development of their baby.


  • 28 Million reach - Caregivers
  • 54 million views
  • 100 years of watch-time and growing
  • 18k subscribers organically
  • More than 1.5 mins avg. watch time with % video watch as high as 81% compared to Industry standard of 50%


Most of the users (78%) watched videos through mobile. 1 min videos were viewed most informing us that parents and caregivers enjoyed short format content. Video types which worked right after the launch were mother baby bonding videos.