42 Creative #EidMubarak Visuals, Gifs & Ramzan Videos Of 2016

A curated list of the warmest visuals, gifs and storytelling videos that have endeavored to go beyond easily available online stock images and weaved a memorable story this Eid 2016

eid mubarak sand art

Muslims all over the globe are celebrating Eid al-fitr since yesterday; from Indonesia, Egypt, UK to China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, Eid has been a day of feasts, family bonding and prayers. Marking the end of Islam’s holy month of Ramadan, the three-day festival is celebrated on different days in different parts of the world.

In India, celebrations have commenced from yesterday, with streets lit up with happy families and the smells of delicious food tempting us in the monsoon breeze. Be it in the narrow lanes of Byculla in Mumbai or the Charminar in Hyderabad, breaking a fast after a month with a scrumptious feast must be really special! And brands always capitalize on special moments.

Popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter began trending with ‘Eid Mubarak’ messages yesterday, and have continued today too. Last year, we saw a range of brands convey their wishes with beautiful Eid Mubarak visuals on Facebook, this year the content is an interesting mix of gifs and videos too.

Eid Mubarak greetings all look the same: A crescent of the moon against a starlit sky with the silhouette of the holy mosque forming the background with greetings in Arabic inspired fonts. But, we have been treated to some creative renditions by brands adding their own unique touch. Also, there is the ever handy emotional brand films that can never go wrong.

Here we have curated a list of the warmest visuals, gifs and videos shared by Indian brands, that have endeavored to go beyond the easily available online stock images to tie up with the brand voice:

Coolpad India

The smartphone brand has cooked up an interesting jigsaw gif bringing together mobile screens to form the final visual.


The snacking partner of Indian families found the right occasion on Eid.

Ola Cabs

What a clever crescent moon from the taxi and auto hailing app!

Pulse Candy

The sensational new candy that’s taken the country by storm wants showers of Pulse this Eid.

Vodafone India

The adorable Zoozoos prepare for the big feast, in their inimitable style.

Parle G

The glucose biscuit most of us grew up on wishes its community of geniuses.

OnePlus India

‘Eat, Pray, Love,’ what else does one need for a happy, prosperous life!

Penguin Books India

The publisher resorted to meaningful life quotes from acclaimed authors for its Eid visuals.

Philips Sound

The brand always finds a musical connect with every festive occasion.

Canon India

Canon makes its point in this interesting visual.


The matrimonial site aptly weaves in love, prosperity and happiness.


The real estate portal focuses on brotherhood around the community.


The travel brand wishes for happiness to travel to you in this GIF.

Fiama Di Wills

The skin care brand for men says it with colours.

Godrej Goldilocks

The personal locker from Godrej Security Solutions wants to help you hide your Eidi!

Coca Cola India

Eid calls for a family celebration, check out the bubbling bottle in this cinema-graph.

Cadbury 5 Star

The eccentric duo Ramesh-Suresh are at it again!

Dunkin Donuts

The donut maker has donuts all over its Eid wishes.

Nivea India

The skin care brand adds to its care equity this Eid.

Lifestyle Stores

The retail store opted for a simple illustration with a reference to its ethnic lanterns.

Mahindra XUV500

Mahindra’s Eid greetings threw light on the XUV 500 as an enabler of new stories in your life.

Britannia Good Day

The cookie that spreads smiles turns into the coveted moon of the day…let the feasts begin!

Paper Boat Drinks

The traditional drinks maker has rolled out special flavours for Ramzan: Serbet-e-khaas and Rose tamarind, and a multitude of adorable illustrations of families celebrating Eid.


Vistara made a peaceful, glowing gif using brand colours.


The airlines always manages to add a brand connect to its season’s greetings visuals, whatever be the day!

The Quint

The online and mobile news site has an appealing Eid visual.


The bank has on offer an interesting Eid gift box – the HDFC gift cards as eidi.


For your personal kitchen on an app, it’s all about food… let the feasts begin!


The electronics retail chain places its wares on the crescent moon!


For a dating app, every occasion calls for spreading love!

Nerolac India

The paint maker chose colours and its brand ambassador SRK for a bright Eid greeting.

Yes Bank

Yes bank sought to promote its pay app as the easiest way to send over digital eidi to loved ones!

Renault India

The automaker at least managed to embed a brand logo into an otherwise regular visual, but the placement is creative.

Hyundai India

The auto brand has placed its belief in brand ambassador SRK to take care of Eid greetings, which the King Khan takes on in elan.

Moto India

The ‘M’ of Motorola is an omnipresent form… it exists everywhere!

Vivo India

Vivo kept it simple and calming.


The healthcare app believes in bringing it all inside a circle of health and happiness, just like its logo.

National Geographic India

The television channel brought a 360 degree view of the Jama Masjid through Facebook 360 video.


The news channel also brought a 360 degree view of the Eid prayers at Jama Masjid through Facebook 360 video.


In these troubled times in the world, the home appliances brand chooses to celebrate the spirit of friendship this Eid. This 90-second film featuring two competing clothes shopkeepers is quite amusing in the beginning butcould leave you with a lump in your throat towards the end. The storytelling is just perfect with no brand appearance or force-embed.

Big Bazaar #NekiKaMahina

The hypermarket chain has embarked on a month of ‘doing good’ with its ‘Neki ka Mahina’ campaign in the holy month of Ramzan. The minute-long film features a Muslim doctor addressing an emergency despite it being the time to end her day long fast. After a successful delivery, the family invites her to join them for the meals, which she does with delight. The fact that it is a Sikh family only adds to the beauty of the story, though it is all too common in our country for people of different religions to eat with each other and help each other in times of need.

Surf Excel

The detergent brand has taken forward its #ReadyForLife campaign, part of its ‘Dirt is Good’ universal theme this Eid, with a heartwarming film. The story is one beautiful act of helpfulness by a child whose clothes gets dirty in the process. Unlike most mothers, this mother does not spank him, instead she gives him an acknowledging nod, amidst a cheering crowd gathered for Eid feasting.

Do let us know your favourites in this list. Eid Mubarak to all our readers!

Feature image courtesy: International sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik Twitter