LI Content Marketing Awards 2017 – Best Content Marketing Brand & Agency

cont markt special list

Earlier in the week, Lighthouse Insights revealed the winning list of the LI Content Marketing Awards 2017.

The ‘LI Content Marketing 2017’ online award show was launched late in August. We had invited submissions for digital content marketing work executed by brands and agencies in the last 12 months. In its first edition we had 16 participating categories. The response has been amazing from both agencies and brands.

In addition to the 16 categories, LI had listed two special categories (excluded from nominations) – Best Content Marketing Brand and Agency. Before revealing the names let me assure you that the team at Lighthouse Insights kept these things in mind along with the number of awards a specific brand or agency has won. We looked at the variety of the case studies submitted, their objective and the innovation factor played a big role.

Based on all the above listed factors we present you:

1. Best Content Marketing Brand: GSK India

2. Best Content Marketing Agency: Mindshare

Whether it was the campaign #OathToHealth where it innovated with the use of user generated content or #PlayAbiggerGame under the best use of mobile content, the brand has really pushed itself on digital.

Additionally the campaign ‘Healthy Bowl’ with renowned Vahchef Sanjay Thumma was a great initiative on the influencer marketing side. Not just the number of wins, GSK is driving creativity and innovation on digital.

Horlicks Oats branded cookery show

How Horlicks Oats leveraged Sanjay Thumma to increase its market share and online search rankings.

Lighthouse Insightsさんの投稿 2017年11月5日(日)

On similar lines, Mindshare the agency that nominated its brilliant work for brands like Pepsico and GSK, clearly stands out. One such campaign is Mirinda’s #ReleaseThePressure where a simple yet powerful video drove the entire campaign along with influencers. The campaign also stands a clear winner in the best B2C brand building campaign, as it chose a relevant issue aligned with the brand image.

Mirinda #ReleaseThePreassure

How Mirinda India broke the ice between teens and parents on issue of excessive parental pressure.Agency: Mindshare India

Lighthouse Insightsさんの投稿 2017年10月26日(木)

Congratulations to all winners! Once again a big thank you to all the winners.