Don’t Miss These 11 Global Christmas Campaigns On Digital

A curated list of digital marketing campaigns for Christmas which includes Miracle of Mulberry, ASDA #BecauseItsChristmas, Mog’s Christmas calamity, Target’s big digital holiday campaign

With Christmas already knocking on our doors, here is a curated list of digital marketing campaigns where global brands are at their merriest best, engaging consumers around the magical time of Christmas.

1. Miracle of Mulberry: British lifestyle brand Mulberry is running “Miracle of Mulberry”, a Christmas advertising campaign providing a playful take on the Nativity Story. The two minute online film brings together a very British ensemble of characters who come from far and wide to witness the ‘Miracle of Mulberry’.

2. Temptations Say Sorry: The online commercial shows cats dressed in elf costumes, Christmas sweaters and hats, clearly not impressed with their lot. The soundtrack, Elton John’s track “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word”, makes it clear something needs to be put right. The message of course comes back to the power of Temptations treats to bring cats onside again.

 3. Dick’s Pitches to the Heart in Holiday Campaign: Dick’s Sporting Goods is back again this year with another emotional holiday campaign. On Sunday, the 615-unit chain will reprise its “Gifts That Matter” push with a one-minute spot featuring a coach who learns, by way of the tiniest pair of Adidas trainers, that he will soon be a grandfather.

4. ASDA Because It’s Christmas: ASDA, the British supermarket chain, is connecting with the Christmas season this year with #BecauseItsChristmas, an upbeat advertising campaign. The opening commercial in the campaign shows the lengths people go to get into the festive spirit and uses real-life examples from a customer poll.

5. Target’s Big Digital Holiday Campaign Combines Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram: Target is bringing out all the digital (jingle) bells and whistles this year for its holiday campaign, which plays out across Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and other apps. Social makes up 12 percent of its paid media spend, a 30 percent increase over last year.

6. Myer Christmas comes for Christmas: Myer, the Australian department store chain, has launched “Where Christmas Comes For Christmas“, the campaign will launch with a 60 second stop-motion film featuring four animated Christmas characters making their way through a winter wonderland to buy their Christmas gifts.

7. Lloyds Bank Love You to the Stars: Lloyds Bank is promoting its partnership with Apple Pay with “Love You To the Stars”, a commercial designed for the UK Christmas season. In Lloyds Bank Love You to the Stars a little girl (Florence) searches for the perfect gift for her mother. She’s filled with inspiration as she and her mother make snow angels. Animated drawing presents her imaginative trip into space to achieve her goal. A children’s story ebook, “To The Stars”, has been made available to Lloyds customers through iBooks.

8. Sainsbury’s Mog’s Christmas Calamity: Sainsbury’s, the UK shopping chain, is running “Mog’s Christmas Calamity”, an integrated advertising campaign bringing to life the work of children’s book author Judith Kerr. At the heart of the campaign is a 3 minute 30 seconds television commercial in which an animated cat deals with a sequence of disastrous events in the home.

9. Canal+ Best Friend:French broadcaster CANAL+ has brought in a wild boar as the star in the 2015Christmas advertising campaign. “Le Phacochère”features Trevor, a warthog with aspirations of being his owner’s best friend, living the life of an enthusiastic pet dog. By the end of the commercial we’re ready for the point of it all. Last Christmas this couple would have been better off getting a subscription for CANAL+.

10. Harvey Nichols Gift Face challenged: Harvey Nichols is running “Gift Face”, a Christmas advertising campaign centred on fears of receiving or giving an inappropriate gift. The commercial at the heart of the campaign shows a woman receiving gift after gift from members of her family, all the while wearing a “gift face”, smiling with fake gratitude.

11. Marks & Spencer Art of Christmas: Marks & Spencer has carried the “Art of” theme into the Christmas 2015 advertising campaign, The Art of Christmas, set to a remix of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars hit “Uptown Funk”. The campaign brings together six short films each explaining the feelings associated with Christmas: The Art of Christmas, The Art of Making an Entrance, The Art of the Night Before, The Art of Surprise, The Art of The Feast, and The Art of 40 Winks. The Art of Food series continues with Adventures in Christmas and Adventures in Surprise.