52 Creative Children’s Day visuals & gifs of 2016

Children’s Day offers a wide scope for brands to position themselves around joy, curiosity, carefree-ness, and hope, and many brands have indulged in creative visuals around them, this year


Children’s Day or Bal Divas is celebrated across the states in India, in honour of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday, a man who truly believed that children are our real investment, and the one statesman who laid the foundation for India’s prominent educational institutes. This Monday, November 14th marked Children’s Day with several entities joining in the collective cause of children and the need to raise awareness around children’s rights in India.

Amidst this, many Indian brands joined in the celebrations, often taking us adults back into our childhood, or merely reminding us about our immense levels of curiosity and excitement that kept our childhood minds alive.

Children’s Day, associated with joy, curiosity, carefree-ness, and hope, offers a wide scope for brands to position themselves around these positive values. Several brands, this year, ranging from banking and finance to fitness and online marketplaces, found a brand resonance with Children’s Day; many have managed to bring out their adorable or thought-provoking message in one visual.

We bring you here, a list of appealing brand greetings in the form of visuals and gifs on social media:


The brand took some lucky riders back to their childhood, quite literally on a ride!

Britannia Good Day

Childhood is full of imagination, nice rendition of playfulness using the product.

Pizza Hut India

A simple one by the pizza chain.

Cafe Coffee Day

We know this feeling!


The ecommerce major blogs fun things you can do with your kids at Flipkart Stories, the gif gives an idea.


The mattress maker has it easy on Children’s day; a bed, and some pillows are the best things in a child’s life.


The snacks brand manages to capture a slice of life in a family with one television, and only kids!

Bisleri Pop

The fun drinks brand popped you back into childhood in this interesting gif.

UC Browser

This kid is gonna be in big trouble!

Meru Cabs

One more gif taking you down memory lane.


The candy keeps it simple.

Paperboat Drinks

For the maker of traditional drinks, Children’s Day was just another day, as Paperboat is usually taking us down memory lane with its adorable illustrations every day.


The ‘Unbox Zindagi’ brand keeps it a joyous one.


The online marketplace rolled out an array of child achievers in simple visual stories.


Storyweaver reminds us about the last bell in school!


The housing portal keeps it simple.

Philips Sound

Great brand connect here, as usual… I must say!

Tata Docomo

The telco shows you how not to miss those days.


It’s true, icecream really brings out the child in you!


The doctor finding portal encourages you to be a child always.


The digital payments company keeps it simple.

Domino’s Pizza India

There’s a pizza in that pencil!


Nobody set rules on how you should eat a wrap!


The bank is making many points here about our future: children, chip-embedded currency, mobile banking and plastic money, and a corruption-free India.

Nerolac India

A paint brand wants your children to be creative on your walls!

HP India

Colouring outside the lines instills creativity, just as thinking outside the box.


Telcos have this thing in common with childhood playtime.

Pizza Express India

We all belong to a certain personality type, nicely illustrated by the pizza chain.

Penguin India

The publisher engaged book lovers throughout the day where they needed to imagine popular fictional child characters as grown ups.

Coolpad India

The smartphone maker illustrates a puzzle, cool product placement there.


If kids are given Bingo snacks and asked to make drawings from them, this is exactly what they would have come up with!


About a telco brand and staying connected!


If you are a 90’s kid like me, you would relate perfectly to this hilarious visuals by ShopClues.

Dell India

The PC and laptop maker emphasizes on fun and learning.


Pre-owned toys or used toys may be an economical way to aid your child’s overall development.


The food app naturally wants you to be hungry!

Mad Over Donuts

The donut maker keeps it cheerful.

Shopper’s Stop

The retail chain sticks to its monochrome visuals, perhaps the paintings could have been colourful!

Videocon Group

A simple visual celebrating the unlimited imagination in childhood.


The bookstore keeps it lively.

Berger Paints

Nice one by the paint brand.

Kokuyo Camlin

The art and stationary brand keeps it cheerful, but maybe can get rid of all the text.

Wai Wai

The noodle is for all ages!

Opera India

If you are a 90’s kid, you would relate.

Axis Mutual fund

The mutual fund company has been into urging parents to plan for their child’s ambitions, no mater how quirky it may seem.


The hyperlocal delivery app brings together all that meant ‘sweet childhood’ for us.


Kids don’t need an energy drink to recharge, they are naturally blessed with limitless energy, nice one though!


Racold Thermo

I did this a lot… on dusty car windows, and also wrote my name below. Sweet one and great brand connect by the water heater maker.


The casserole maker makes it engaging.

Do let us know your favorites.

Do note that we do not have an algorithm or a dedicated bot that scans the whole of social media for the most creative visuals; we make our humanly possible best efforts to hunt for these visuals and as they say, ‘to err is human’, we might miss out on a few good visuals. Do contribute (in the comments) to complete the gaps. Do share only brand visuals that you believe are worth a mention here because they are creative, visually appealing,  or have a good brand connect.