The winning brand connect visuals and gifs of 2016

Be it Punctuation Day, Republic Day or Diwali, 2016 saw a phenomenal rise in Indian brands investing in visual content on social media, as images helped establish a memorable brand connect

best brand connect visuals 2016

The world is now on your fingertips, swipe through and travel along the maze of a billion pictures. Facebook along with its sister concerns, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, are together raking in reportedly 2 billion photos every day. With tech inclined towards images, networks getting image savvy, brands have become extremely visual savvy too with every passing year. Communication is now going back to the visual form: memes, gifs, witty visuals, infographics, and more.

From celebrating special occasions and festivals to dedicated days of the year and also not-so-popular days of the year like ‘Burger Day’, ‘Punctuation Day’ and the likes, 2016 saw a phenomenal rise in Indian brands investing in their visual content creation. The apprehension that images play a far memorable role in the human mind as compared to volumes of text, has finally set in.

The Indian digital marketer isn’t letting go even a single momentous day to connect with the new age consumer, with the help of visuals aligning with the brand philosophy. The result: 2016, unlike previous years, has witnessed a massive explosion in visual content. Brands varying from FMCG to banking, wellness and healthcare are all bracing for the visual revolution. Last year began the trend, we witnessed a spurt in creative brand visuals on social media. Read ‘Winning brand connect visuals of 2015‘.

Listed here, are the interesting examples of ‘visual content marketing’ in 2016 that managed to establish an interesting brand connect while keeping up with the spirit of the day:

Britannia Good Day

On Children’s Day, the premium biscuit brand connected well with its philosophy of ‘smile more for a good day.’ Childhood being full of imagination, became a playful rendition using the product.


The energy drink from Bisleri took contextual advantage of the festival of lights, and managed to shine its message bright.

Mumbai Indians

The IPL team weaved in cricket in the most subtle way, on the birth anniversary of the Mahatma.

The IPL team also rolled out a witty visual during Onam, playing on the traditional boat race.


When Lord Ganesha’s form is created by a brand’s alphabets, it is worth noting.

On Teacher’s Day, the bank indulged in a series of smart visuals and smarter copywriting as a tribute to teachers, with some really witty brand connect!

Post a demonetised India, Children’s Day was blended with the cashless mood prevailing in society. HDFC stressed on going cashless for a corruption-free India.

OLX India

The used goods marketplace has been hellbent on ridding our countrymen of our ‘hoarding’ culture, the message has been put nicely across in this Dussehra gif .

On Gandhi Jayanti, the same message was pitched differently using the Mahatma’s three monkeys as props.

Dell India

The tech company believes in connecting dots, and we can all relate to it. Cool one on Ganesh Chaturthi.

Philips Sound

Music does affect the heart beat and what a brand resonance by Philips Sound on World Heart Day! A very simple yet innovative visual for the brand’s music loving fans.

An adorable visual on Children’s Day, whoever thought about swinging from musical notes!

The fun arcade game was given a sweet tribute in this gif.

Godrej Aer

The car and home fragrance brand found an interesting brand connect on Gandhi Jayanti, that even scored in its copy.

The products always manage to find a clever placement in the brand’s visuals, as can be seen in this Ganesh Chaturthi one.


The airline took the most creative approach to Diwali as the celebration of the Lord’s homecoming!

Real fruit juice

Dabur’s Real fruit juice brand played on simplicity this Onam, with a refreshing brand connect.

Viu India

Popcorn and movies make the right pair, a simple brand connect by the video app.

Coolpad India

The smartphone brand played smart on Gandhi Jayanti!

Coolpad won the day again, on Janmasthami when it created the form of Krishna’s flute using a smartphone.

On Dussehra, Coolpad captured the many evils faced by the smartphone generation, which could be destroyed by a victorious arrow - the Coolpad smartphone!

Hyundai India

The automaker smartly blended the essence of a woman with ‘navigating life.’


The music streaming app always had the Lord within it, cool visual on Ganesh Chaturthi.


On World Heart Day, one of India’s leading dating apps made a clever point about the relationship between your heart and mind.

Cafe Coffee Day

At the time of Rio Olympics, the coffee chain shared adorable gifs featuring sporty coffee beans, this one is interesting.

The coffee chain paid a smart tribute to cats on International Cat Day, Catrio sure does not take his coffee for granted!

On Eid, the approach was classy sophisticated coffee art.

Fitbit India

For a fitness tracker brand, Fitbit really walked the talk on Gandhi Jayanti.

Penguin Books India

Penguin Books India bonded really well with book lovers in the country, on Yoga Day, with a hilarious series of reading aasanas.

Looking at books as teachers, the publisher shared minimal posters of famous classics on Teacher’s Day.

The publisher’s penguin got a little sporty around Usain Bolt’s supremacy.

On Valentine’s Day, Penguin rolled out adorable pun-filled visuals.

Fujifilm India

On Dussehra, the camera maker smartly pitched instax while capturing the essence of clicking pictures of a festival.

Society Tea

On Eid, the tea brand rolled out an aesthetically pleasing visual in a tea cup.

The tea brand nailed it on Ganesh Chaturthi, whoever thought about a kettle taking the divine form!


Engineer’s day is something the Indian audience relates to well, the ride hailing app aptly saluted the spirit of invention in this gif.


The coffee maker reiterated its ‘Stay Started’ philosophy well tuned with the spirit of Dussehra.


The carrier network kept it uber cool on Ganesh Chaturthi with a simple play on its logo, and a smart pitch for its SuperNet.

It continued playing on ‘Being super’ on Raksha Bandhan with a series of Super Sisters visuals.

Lenovo India

Lenovo India managed to seamlessly match the late David Bowie’s ever evolving avatar with the brand’s rebranded  philosophy – Never stand still, when the singer, songwriter, actor and record producer passed away last year.

Godrej Security

On Diwali, the security solutions provider smartly promoted its safe - the Matrix I-Warn endorsed by Lord Vishnu himself!


On Hindi Divas, Micromax Unite, the range of smartphones with regional language support rolled out a cool visual.


The mint managed to find a smart brand connect, be it on World Punctuation day or Women’s Equality day.


On Independence day, the male grooming brand found the right hero sporting the most famous mustache in history.

It chose a hilarious connect on Mother’s day.


The food app comes up with witty visuals for every occasion, just as it did on Dussehra.

There may not be a better visual depiction of an engineer’s life.

Bisleri Pop

The fun drinks brand popped you back into childhood in this interesting gif.


The online marketplace played well to its logo on Ganesh Chaturthi.

Paper Boat

The traditional drinks maker had rolled out limited edition Rakhi-special gift boxes while promoting them with a series of adorable illustrations.


On Ganesh Chaturthi, the online store for everything kids want imagined this amusing chat conversation between mother and son, Parvati and Ganpati!

Bingo Snacks

On Diwali, the snacks brand had an alternate solution to let go crackers.


The candy managed to pitch its tangy flavours, in this interesting gif on Men’s Day.

Intel India

Intel ran a print batch only for engineers on Engineer’s Day.

The tech brand smartly  emphasized on the flexibility attained by practicing yoga, demonstrated by the flexible two-in-ones, on Yoga Day.


Did you know that UFO stood for ‘Ultimate Flavorful Objects’?! Nice one by Havmor Ice Cream.

Center Fresh India

Ever since #MondayMotivation became a trend, brands have been making the most of it. For a mint brand, this was a smart rollout by Center Fresh India.


For a dating app that matches folks on specified preferences, this is a good one for its millennial audience on Eid.

For singles looking for a girlfriend, for the ones who’ve been taken, TrulyMadly made the most of Girlfriend Day.


The ecommerce major deftly connects with our first landing on the moon!

It rolled out a Mother’s day visual that was not just a tribute to motherhood but also weaved in a smart brand connect.

Internet-based companies sure owe their existence to the Web, nice ‘thank you’ letter by Flipkart on World Wide Web Day!


The doctor finding network made an adorable and witty connect on Republic Day.

Valentine’s day was all about healthy breakups!

Junk Food Day can be a great awareness occasion, as can be seen in these Practo illustrations.


A respectable tribute to our soldiers on Kargil Vijay divas, by Moto.

The smartphone maker cleverly associated itself with ‘shatterproof’ on Women’s Day.


Truer words have never been said. The hyperlocal grocery delivery app smartly weaved in a Gandhi quote on food on Gandhi Jayanti.


A nice twist on ‘stay hungry’ by the food app on Children’s day.


On Engineer’s Day the table reservation app neatly explained the life of a software engineer in a function code.


The ice cream brand made a deep point on World Ozone day, with a smart brand connect.

HarperCollins India

Dussehra saw the publisher roll out an enlightening set of visuals on Ravan’s skills and knowledge.

Royal Challengers

Independence day can also be an interesting occasion to convey a brand message, like this RCB visual that has smartly weaved in its brand philosophy of ‘Play Bold’.

Racold Thermo

An adorable visual and great brand connect by the water heater maker on Children’s Day.

The water heater maker rolled out a hot bubbling diya on Diwali.

Dunkin Donuts

The donut maker managed to sneak into the Onam sadya!

Karvy Stock

Diwali is about prosperity and wealth, the stock broker smartly conveyed what an SIP investment can do for your personal wealth creation.

On Dussehra, the stock broking services company demonstrated the unpredictability of the market through each of Ravan’s head making ten different and conflicting investment decisions!

Mentos India

On Engineer’s Day, the witty gum brand got inside the mind of an engineering student.

Onam was a god given festival for the mint.

Doctor’s day wasn’t acknowledged as much as it should have been, but Mentos found a witty connect nevertheless.


On Gandhi Jayanti, the housing portal snugly fit its logo into a charkha!

The essence of Friendship Day was captured beautifully in this one.

McDonald’s India

Whoever thought about Diwali crackers from McDonald’s fries!


Fast food brands are not going to like what this supplement maker is telling you to do, a cool one on Dussehra.

Gionee India

The phone maker highlighted India’s unity in diversity all with creative use of its logo.

A nice play on the brand logo here by Gionee on Gandhi Jayanti.

Volkswagen India

Volkswagen made the most of Teacher’s Day, the auto maker earned full marks for this visual.

You literally need to read between the lines to get the complete message by Volkswagen, directed at women stereotyping. Brilliant one on International Women’s day.

Wai Wai India

On Engineer’s Day, the instant noodle brand proved a bowl of noodles can also be fit into an equation.

Berger Paints

A paint brand couldn’t have done better on Children’s Day, Berger managed to bring out the playfulness.

Opera India

Onam posed the perfect occasion for the mobile OS to highlight its logo.

Canon India

The camera maker emphasized on celebrating ‘memories’ rather than the noise, along with a creative product embed.

Domino’s India

The pizza maker rolled out a unique ‘Pizza Namaskar’ on Yoga Day, this one works the opposite: you are sure to put on kilos!

eBay India

Dussehra highlighted the fun side of eBay, Ravan is left completely indecisive by each of his heads’ shopping ideas!

GE India

GE defines an engineer with a tone of harmless humour, on Engineer’s day.

Club Mahindra

Onam saw an interesting logo embed in the sadya by the holiday brand.


On Teacher’s day, the airline got creative with smart puns in its gif.


The ethnic wear e-store virtually showered you with flowers on Ganesh Chaturthi even as it made smart use of its logo.


The online travel brand took a humourous approach on Dussehra. Each of Ravan’s heads point to the many travel woes we all face, and of course, Yatra is the one-stop solution!

Foodpanda India

Only an engineer would calculate the area of his/her pizza slice, a clever one by Foodpanda on Engineer’s Day.

Mad Over Donuts

On Teacher’s Day, the donut maker rolled out a funny visual most of us could relate to, and grammar nazis would be delighted about.


This one is a really smart one by the mattress maker shared on Janmashtami, the product has been seamlessly embedded into the visual story.


The online Fashion store only needed to turn upside down on International Women’s day, to make its point.

Brands do have interesting aspects to their persona, which can very well be personified with the help of the right visual. While visual content marketing makes its own impression and drives ROI in terms of retweets, shares, comments, no amount of brand recall can be quantified. And, as the going gets tough in these cluttered  social feed times, it gets imperative for brands to drive home their message in short, crisp, visual pieces. 2016 has proven to be a visually appealing year even as the promise of interesting creatives is already hanging in the new year.