The Coolest April Fools’ Day Pranks By Indian Brands

From cab companies letting you sleep in their cab to online furniture brands hunting for mattress testers April Fools’ Day 2016 has seen some awesome pranks

Brands are having a field day playing pranks today. Come April 1st and the usual suspect Google (with its deep pockets and massive appetite for fun and adventure) has been fooling around again.

Well, Indian brands have jumped on to the April Fool pranks bandwagon too; they aren’t that serious anymore. The last time around we saw an array of pranks by the likes of Yatra, Ola, Uber, iXigo, FreeCharge, Zomato, Amazon India, and more. We really did fall for some, while others were simply too outrageous to be believed!

This year, quite a few pranks have been the rage on social media. From cab companies letting you on a sleepover in their cab to online furniture brands hunting for mattress testers and a water heater company letting you generate electricity from your own voice, April Fools’ Day 2016 has seen some creative pranks, and new Indian brands in the list:

Urban Ladder Mattress Tester

The online furniture company actually posted a job ad on LinkedIn for Senior Mattress Tester a couple of days ago. “We’re looking for lazy and unmotivated individuals to join our team,” the ad stated. Providing further description about the kind of individual they were looking for, the ad copy said, “If you’re someone who hates getting out of bed to get to work, this is the perfect job for you. As a mattress tester, you’ll get to stay in bed pretty much the entire day and actually get paid for it.”

“We’re not kidding,” it emphasized too! If you love sleeping, send your resume with a cover letter to [email protected]

Ola Rooms

The cab booking service is out with an innovative hack that’s going to be loved by business executives with huge travel expenses, under-planners and of course family men who’ve been let out. The Ola Rooms innovation lets you spend the night in an Ola cab, and what’s more you can select the type of view you want to wake up to. CEO Bhavish Aggarwal also features in the intro video making the case for Ola Rooms.

Anybody booking an Ola Room? The startup also has a partner-in-crime - OYO Rooms. The partnership lets one book Ola Rooms in just three taps through the OYO app!

Lookup Pen

Fueled by alien technology, composed of moon rocks and dinosaur bone, the Google of Offline World, Lookup has introduced a new Pen, straight from the future. The ink is invisible and made with the blood of baby unicorns. What does the Lookup Pen do – whatever you write or draw with this pen, comes alive in your hands. Remember Shaka-laka-boom-boom?  By the way, you can also write on thin air.

There are more details in this blog post and a link to pre-order the futuristic pen, in case you want one. The limited release is available for just Rs. 1,416. (Can you decode this?!)

Racold Speech-to-Electricity

Water heating solutions company, Racold Thermo has successfully channelled R&D in piezoelectric detectors into environment-friendly tech that can finally convert human speech sounds into electricity. The functional model has been made available on the specially created portal and can be accessed by anyone with a smart-phone.

The speech-to-electricity converter features basic user operability, extreme fidelity voice capture and in-built filters. Powered by sonar modems and a piezoelectric quartz dish deployed at Racold’s captive datacenter in Mumbai, the patented technology can capture and transmit voice snippets as digital pulses, generating a minimum of 2 watts during conversion. Go on to the site and contribute to the global energy deficit.

Blackberrys Unwrinkler

Blackberry’s Unwrinkler is a palm-sized travel iron making it the smallest steam iron in the world. Smaller than a computer mouse, designed to look like an electric shaver; the iron can unobtrusively fit into your pocket. The unit heats up in less than a minute and it has three temperature settings for ironing every kind of fabric including silk, wool, cotton, and linen, and emits burst of steam with the touch of a button. A must have for all office goers, it would ensure that your shirt looks freshly ironed all day long.

Buy it for just Rs 999. There’s a clever marketing ploy there!

Celio AET (Automatique en tissu)

Celio, a French men’s clothing retailer announced the launch of a futuristic shirt - the AET (Automatique en tissu) that can button and un-button by itself. The technological innovation has a sensor on the fabric that detects the user and buttons up the shirt the moment the user taps the collar. Similarly, a double tap on the wrist will un-button the shirt, the brand claimed.

But, the world’s first automatic button and unbutton shirt was just an April Fools’ prank by Celio. The world will have to wait for such intelligent shirts, for now we have #‎CelioAET‬ the elegantly unique shirts from Celio.

TrulyMadly Eau De Amour

Today dating app TrulyMadly introduced its users to the world’s first love potion ‘Eau De Amoor’ proven to attract the opposite sex. A notification link led users to a YouTube video describing the sensual tones of the perfume and declared that it is available for 20% off to all TrulyMadly users. A visit to the product details link provided in the video, will pour icy cold water on your newly found dreams. The brand has a clever message for the curious!

Also Android users got the option to send a selfie to a match, but once they clicked on the camera icon, all they were welcomed with was an April Fools pop up!

Opera Paper Products

After 20 years of developing successful browsers and apps on the iOS/MAC, Android, Windows and Linux platforms, Opera has announced a new platform: paper. Opera Paper Products is a new line of technology that embraces simplicity, minimalism and environment friendliness.

Deepesh, the Head of Paper Products is introducing the product and shows the prototypes in the form of laptops, desktop computers and mobile phones, with built-in Opera browsers, computer mice and other  accessories. The products are in testing mode but you can win a trial by commenting at the link!

Which ones did you fall for? AFAQS reports that Urban Ladder received over 500 applications for the Senior Matress Tester vacancy!