Berger Paints Creates Social Media Buzz With #DuniyaDekhegi For Berger Silk

Berger Silk is out with a new ad featuring brand ambassador Katrina Kaif, here we look at the digital and social media activities for promoting the campaign


Berger Paints has been painting the town silk in its new campaign featuring brand ambassador Katrina Kaif. The paint company has launched its latest commercial for ‘Berger Silk’ – its luxury interior brand with the tagline – Duniya dekhegi jab Silk se saje zindagi’. Emphasizing Silk as aspirational and luxurious, the new ad aims to further strengthen the brand philosophy of experiencing silk on your walls.

The minute-long ad personifies a drop of paint from a Berger Silk can as Katrina. She is then seen exploring the walls of a richly decorated room with a huge chandelier. A background score adds to her discovery of Silk’s richness, up until she talks about the tagline and moves back to being the paint can.

The new ad campaign is supported by a website – Experience Silk and also tries to engage people through fun social media activities. The website, apart from featuring the ad video, provides information on the Silk range of products and how it can be used to liven up living and commercial spaces.

There is the ‘Ad Jumble’ contest that makes puzzle pieces from the ad and requires you to arrange them all together as quickly as you can. The fastest to do so wins the grand prize of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Neo. There are vouchers worth Rs. 20000 to be won too, for the fastest ones on a particular day. A Leaderboard displays the top contestants with the fastest time. There are Facebook and Twitter share buttons too, since participants need to share the contest on their personal Twitter or Facebook pages to qualify for the contest. The social sharing ensures more visibility through social connections.

Then there is the ‘Duniya dekhegi’ contest where Katrina is inviting people to share the most amazing, most incredible moments of their life that made them say ‘Ab #DuniyaDekhegi’. The best entries can win Croma vouchers worth Rs. 10000. One can comment in the field provided, or upload an image and caption it. One can also participate through Twitter using the #duniyadekhegi hashtag in their tweets. This contest also requires participants to share the page on their Facebook or Twitter pages.


Berger Paints India has been sharing the contests urging people to participate through its Facebook and Twitter pages. The hashtag #DuniyaDekhegi has been used creatively while promoting the new product range, the ad and the contests.

Engaging with the community

Many luxury brands have been leveraging the social media to build aspiration, be it for luxury cars, homes or products that signify having achieved a position of success in life. Berger Silk tries to build aspiration in its new campaign with support from a hashtag derived from its  campaign tagline – #DuniyaDekhegi. Social conversations have been defined and encouraged in that direction.

The mandatory social sharing and fun contests with cool incentives further add to create social media buzz. Berger Silk could explore #DuniyaDekhegi in more ways to include more social audiences like hosting a blogging contest with lifestyle bloggers. This way it could tap into the vast pool of content creators that speak for the brand, instead of having Berger Silk talk about the richness of its new range.

What do you think about Berger Silk’s #DuniyaDekhegi campaign? Do share them with us.