What Happened At The Bengaluru Edition Of #GoGustoRides

The second edition of India's first ever food ride concluded in Bengaluru with the group exploring the tiffin rooms in the city. We take a look at the online and offline integration for #GoGustoRides


Food makes the world go round. For the new Gusto, it was food that made the city of Bengaluru go round and round the city’s quaint streets, exploring its famed tiffin rooms on a Sunday, astride their Gustos.

The scooter company from Mahindra Two Wheelers hosted the second edition of #GoGustoRides in the garden city of Bengaluru on the 7th of June, following a fun-filled first edition in Mumbai this April.

For the uninitiated, the #GoGustoRides is a unique food ride organized by Mahindra Two Wheelers, where influential food bloggers lead a food ride where people who share a common passion for food, join together for a fun-filled food ride exploring their city’s famous food joints, riding on their Gustos.

The Bengaluru food ride was dedicated to exploring the city’s tiffin rooms, the ones that are your favourite and located in narrow streets down the main road. How else to get there other than taking a walk or riding a scooter?

Popular food bloggers Archana Doshi, Nandita Iyer, foodie Nivedith Gajapathy, and a bunch of foodies joined for the food ride, brought together by digital agency Flying Cursor. While the group explored the various ‘bhavans’ in the city, the team ensured most of the action was captured live on the brand’s social media platforms.

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The buzz extended onto social media with the campaign hashtag #GoGustoRides trending on the day of the ride and the next day too. One just had to follow the hashtag to catch a live action update of the food ride, with tweets by the brand as well as the influential food bloggers.

A dedicated website provides information on Gusto features as well as a link for those interested in taking a test ride. Pictures and videos for the Mumbai and Bengaluru rides have also been put up on the site. In addition, the food bloggers have made detailed posts about the food ride in their respective blogs, while onlookers on Twitter have been asking for a similar food ride in their city.

Here’s a video capturing the #GoGustoRides Bengaluru edition:


Exploring your interests while riding on a Gusto is a great way for a brand to reach out to communities that share common interests. Great going Gusto!