Benelave Bathroom Singer Contest Rocks On Facebook

A Facebook campaign review of the Benelave Bathroom Singer contest.


Benelave is on the hunt for bathroom singers through a Facebook contest and promises to reward the top three winners with a cash award of 100,000, 75,000 & 50,000 respectively. 

Benelave, which means ‘Happy Bathing’, is a range of premium bathroom fittings and accessories from HSIL Limited, India’s premier sanitaryware company. The brand has launched the ‘Benelave Bathroom Singer Contest’ through Facebook as the digital platform and radio for spreading the word. Contestants will be judged on highest votes received on Facebook as well as the jury score, of which 10 will be shortlisted to the final round of a live show at Delhi. The top prize winners will be based on public votes.

About the Benelave Bathroom Singer contest

The hunt for the best bathroom singer is being implemented through an app on Facebook and is open exclusively to fans alone. You have to ‘like’ the page before you can begin with the bathroom singing.


When you ‘click here to get started’, you are welcomed by a neat and adorable app, well categorised into five tabs – My entry, Invite friends, Gallery, FAQs and T&C. You land on ‘My entry’ which is where you can submit your entry to the contest along with the contact details.

The smart thing I noticed here is that you do not have to upload your audio or video files on the app, but just have to provide links to them. So go ahead and upload your video on YouTube or the audio on Sound Cloud right after you have sung the winning number and then provide links here. Once ‘My entry’ is populated, you can see your creation along with all the people who have voted for it.

The ‘Invite friends’ tab is cool as you can invite your friends not only from Facebook but also from Twitter, Gmail and LinkedIn. But do ensure that your browser allows you to view pop-ups.

‘Gallery’ showcases the entries by highest voted, your friends and ‘recently added’. There is a button to vote for the entries here. FAQs and T&Cs are extensive tabs with everything you would need to know about the contest and the applicable rules.

Is this good for Benelave?

Absolutely! It is a wonderful move for the bathroom accessories brand to associate themselves with bathroom singing, a relatable habit for most people. That apart, it sits well with the ‘Be Inspired’ tagline by Benelave. I’m quite impressed with the concept, design and execution of the campaign; it has no doubt spent a good amount of time on the drawing boards.

A well conceived and tested ‘like’ campaign that is sure to give a boost to the Facebook community, which is at less than 3K fans at the moment. And with the ‘big’ prize money, it is surely going to rock. I found quite a few noteworthy features that we can learn from this campaign:

Method of judgement: Although it is a talent-based contest where entries with higher votes would be selected, the formula of weightage of 30% for votes and 70% for jury scores is a required move, especially in this age of rampant vote rigging. This would ensure only deserving entries are shortlisted for Round 2.

Design in the details: Beautiful, soothing colour and neat layout sets up the initial mood of a user. Clear set of guidelines and T&Cs leave no room for confusion. The little but very significant tips that have been provided in each of the tabs, really adds for an overall smooth user experience. Moreover, the bathroom quotes, jokes and anecdotes at the bottom of each tab form the icing on the cake!

Moderation of submissions: I’ve seen just about anything gets uploaded in a talent based contest on Facebook, hence moderation is a pressing need and Benelave has ensured that. Only songs that have been screened for explicit content and moderated will be put up for public voting.

So have you given a shot to some serious bathroom singing? Who knows you might just win fame and big money!