Watch Karan Johar Bring His Other Side To the Forefront- #BeneathTheSurface

Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored post created by the brand and not by the Lighthouse Insights editorial team.

How much do you think you know about Karan Johar (Kjo)?

Quite a lot - especially because of the kind of media coverage Kjo attracts. But, the fact is that in spite of consistently being under the spotlight and widespread coverage of celebrity lives by media, we still do not know a huge lot about the complete personality of the individual. The highly intrusive and scrutinising media focuses only on the one dimension of the personality that they choose to reveal. But, an accomplished celebrity might have much more interesting facets to his/her personality than what is obvious from their claim to fame in the public domain.

In an exclusive series titled #BeneathTheSurface - a Microsoft Surface initiative - Anupama Chopra engages Kjo in a conversation that delves beneath the surface and looks deep into the master’s craft.  Walking the streets of Toronto, Kjo discusses dimensions of his personality, scripting and directorial skills, chemistry with co-stars, and many more facets that will surely take you by surprise and change the way you perceive him.

Talking about his writing style Kjo said, “I talk to myself when I’m walking streets. I could come across as a lunatic. I record it on a voice note and have someone transcribe it for me.”

Watch the complete interview also featuring the all-new Dharma office. From the ‘dancing wall’ and feathered chair, to his personal make-up.

Microsoft India’s #BeneathTheSurface is a three part series featuring some of the most successful Bollywood celebrities. Priyanka Chopra and Karan Johar have already appeared on the show and the revelations they made were indeed so novel and unexpected.