#BEASPORT – An Innovative Social Media Movement

#BEASPORT is an innovative Social Media movement that will help fund the NGO Magic Bus for providing underprivileged kids access to education through sports

Social media has certainly evolved and is here to stay. Imagine a social media movement helping underprivileged kids stay in school. Sounds like a phenomenal use of social media, doesn’t it? This is being experimented by Magic Bus, the not-for-profit working for underprivileged children who along with major online brands like Sher Singh and Cleartrip have launched a novel social media movement called ‘BEASPORT’. ((Source:  Exchange4Media)). Magic Bus uses a researched and proven ‘sport for development’ model that takes children and youth living in poverty on a journey towards livelihood with greater control and choice. Currently, Magic Bus works with 2,00,000 children and 8000 young adults from 7 States and plans to reach 1 million children by 2015.

And this ambitious goal has birthed BEASPORT, a movement that plans to raise awareness and funds for Magic Bus through social media platforms, by bringing together India’s stars, celebrities, sportsmen and the common man. The concept is simple and gets every internet user to be a part of this movement.

How does BEASPORT work?

The movement is being spearheaded by a simple and dedicated site. There are 3 ways in which you can be a sport:

1. Watch a video: Every time you watch a video on the site, a donor commits to match the view with real money to fund Magic Bus. Which means that for every 10 lakh views, a donation of Rs. 10 lakhs is made to Magic Bus. Here’s a video of the newer version of Hum honge kaamiyab by Kunal Avanti featuring Pasha & Megan Murray:

2. Buy a shirt: Every time you buy limited edition t-shirts from Sher Singh, designed by celebrity designers Shantanu and Nikhil, 100% of the proceeds would go to the BEASPORT movement. But you will have to wait to buy them at the moment since the merchandise is not yet up.

3. Make a donation:  You can donate directly to Magic Bus through Ketto.org. Your donations can help sponsor uniforms or sports kits.

Apart from Youtube, BEASPORT is leveraging popular social networks like Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter to promote it. BEASPORT has roped in Miss Malini, the influential blogger to do a series of Google plus hangouts for them. The very first hangout happened with the Magic Bus kids interviewing the boys from Royal Challengers Bangalore – Zaheer Khan, Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli, Ab de Villiers, Daniel Vettori and Murli Muralitharan. Here’s a video of the hangout:

Facebook is being used extensively to inform about the movement and the things that are happening with the Magic bus kids. Twitter is being used as a tool for connecting and conversing with influential twittarities who can make a difference. Besides, Twitter is also spreading the movement through the hashtag #BEASPORT. You can keep a track of #BEASPORT on Twitter to keep yourself updated.

Is it innovative?

Some time back, I had reviewed a Facebook campaign by ‘Join My Village‘, a not-for-profit that helps girls in the villages of Malawi and India. Here, every ‘like’ received inspired a charitable donation of $1 from companies like General Mills and Merck. And beginning this year, Expedia, the online travel company had also launched the ‘Give them wings’ Facebook campaign to sponsor a 3-day trip to Mumbai for kids from the NGO Butterflies. Here, Expedia would donate Rs.10 for every ‘like’ and another Rs.10 for every ten shares amongst your friends. While these campaigns were launched with a definite goal in mind, BEASPORT seems to be an ongoing campaign to take care of the funds for Magic Bus. This is truly an innovative funding model that leverages social media and e-commerce to drive a better education. The movement hopes to achieve 10 million global participants by the end of 2012.

So what do you think of BEASPORT?