Be SRK’s Simply Irresistible i10 Buddy On Hyundai India Facebook Cover Photo

An article on Hyundai India's new contest of being SRK's simply irresistible i10 Buddy

With the launch of the new and enhanced i10, the second largest car maker in India, Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) has also ensured to be present on all social media channels alongside the conventional ones. From running the show majorly on the much favoured Facebook, Hyundai is also on Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus and Pinterest. And having the King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan, who is also the brand ambassador, to endorse its cars on Facebook seems to be a good promotional tool. Starting June 15, Hyundai has been running a promotional engagement exercise on its Facebook page starring SRK as the quiz master. If you answer his i10 related questions in style, you could be one of his simply irresistible i10 buddies. Which means the winners  get a chance to be featured on the Facebook cover page as Khan’s simply irresistible i10 buddies!

About SRK’s simply irresistible i10 buddies contest


The contest has been well appreciated by fans with not less than 500 likes for each of these posts. Besides, the participation level from fans is an encouraging sign too. Ever since the advent of this contest on the Facebook page, Hyundai seems to have rocked the Facebook scene in terms of fan growth and engagement. Here’s a snapshot of the contest impact on its Facebook growth from the beginning of this campaign. (Data provided by social media benchmarking tool, Unmetric)


Could simply irresistible i10 buddies be better?

The campaign would do much better with an app among other things. Had I been given the charge and requisite budget, I would try to bring in clarity to the contest before anything else. Listing down the things that might help improve the campaign:

1. Let your fans know what they are getting: One shouldn’t mislead in titles or headlines. Being SRK’s simply irresistible i10 buddy can mean many things to fans. Hyundai needs to be more clear than “Just answer his query with style in the comment box and get to be one of his simply irresistible i10 buddies”. Fans have been left wondering what is in store for them - a chance to meet SRK and befriend him or something else. The query has been answered by the page admin in one of the posts that SRK’s i10 buddies will only be featured on the cover page. This seems to have left fans a little disappointed!

2. Follow Facebook guidelines: I am not surprised to see Hyundai India running the contest on the wall, a lot of brands are doing that but it is against Facebook guidelines. As per Facebook page guidelines for promotions, all promotions such as contests or sweepstakes must be administered within apps. Besides, you cannot notify winners through Facebook. Although they haven’t declared the winners on the wall directly, they have displayed them on the cover page and uploaded it on the wall. Creating an app would have solved both the issues.

3. Create an app to abide by guidelines and bring in order: Although an app is not always the answer, sometimes it is good to have one and also necessary in case you are running a promotion. For instance, Simply Irresistible i10 buddy could have been executed within an app. Right now, one has to scroll the wall and look for the contest details and past winners. A simple and neatly designed app with the contest number, respective winners and some Facebook viral features like Share and Invite, would suffice here.

The Hyundai India Facebook page can definitely spruce it up to give a simply irresistible Facebook experience for its fans. What do you think?