BBlunt’s #DirtyLittleSecret Is Out & The Brand’s Social Media Is A Riot Of Sexual Puns

The salon chain was looking to make some noise for its 'Back to Life' dry shampoo, a product that can be used anywhere, anytime, whenever you feel like it

Bblunt dirty little secret anthem

We are a nation of voyeurs. We are curious to know about our neighbour’s ‘dirty little secrets’ and that explains the popularity of reality shows on the idiot box. When a celebrity lets in on her ‘dirty little secrets’, the interview is bound to go viral. When a politician goes rogue, ‘dirty little secrets’ about the party come tumbling out of the closet. When an app let people share their secrets anonymously, it became an instant hit.

‘Dirty Little Secrets’ are not just three simple words, they have the power to attract, or let’s just say distract you from this fast-paced world of short videos and social media notifications. That’s precisely the reason why this salon chain chose to share ‘dirty little secrets’ for promoting its Back to Life dry shampoo.

The product is meant to be sprayed on the roots, the dry shampoo absorbs grease and grime within minutes, it claims. Although a best-seller on ecommerce, BBlunt Dry Shampoo needed to build awareness (read create a viral sensation!) and thus the idea of ‘sharing dirty little secrets.’

BBlunt, along with digital agency Schbang, roped in the country’s most popular beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers to feature in a music video along with BBlunt’s founder Adhuna Bhabani. Racy lyrics, sexual puns and a catchy tune make for an amusing watch.

“I do it in the morning, right before I go to work. I do it in the front. I do it in the back… Shake, spray, rub it on for two. That dirty little secret called Dry Shampoo’.

The racy tone has been extended on to each and every piece of content on the brand’s social media properties. Prior to revealing the Dirty Little Secret anthem video on social media, the brand resorted to gifs, visuals to pique fans’ curiosity. After the big reveal, the brand’s feeds have been an interesting watch; content is laden with sexual puns, what with the product being termed as a quickie, a constant affair and a booty call.

Apart from the sexual innuendos luring eyeballs, many popular celebrities are also party in amplifying the buzz on social. Farhan Akhtar, Hrithik Roshan, Varun Dhawan and a band of content creators are all sharing their own ‘Dirty Little Secret’ and asking their viewers to share it too. In addition, viewers can also join the excitement by way of a Dubsmash contest. You need to Dubsmash to the anthem for a chance to win gift vouchers. BBlunt founder Adhuna has already shared her Dubsmash video.

BBlunt’s chain of salons in different cities have also chipped in with their team Dubsmash videos, each with their unique dance moves.

BBlunt’s Facebook page is a riot. Content is charged up and sharing your ‘dirty little secret’ has become the cool thing to do. Informative videos and visuals serve to explain the product’s usage, as well as drive users to the online buying link.

Designed to shock. Targeted to the young at heart

BBlunt seems to be on a roll, how else can one explain a campaign with the founder playing such an active role. The brand is damn well clear on the risks it’s taking by setting a racy tone for its Dry Shampoo product, and also making your ‘dirty little secret’ an acceptable thing to share with the world. Roping in the most influential beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers is in itself enough for a relevant targeted reach. To add to that, there is the influential band on social media - the celebrities, the YouTubers, the bloggers themselves and other content creators for the internet.

Dubsmashing to a brand’s ad jingle or anthem is the new viral trend. A Dubsmash contest is super easy to host, and it also provides quick user generated content for the brand’s social media properties, as well as adds to the social noise. The content has been crafted carefully - it’s racy but in a fun way, it’s crazy but in a humourous way, it’s informative but in a memorable way. One young mother was seen dubsmashing with her toddler too!

#DirtyLittleSecret has been designed to shock and it does a pretty good job at that. I can’t say whether sexual puns appeal to all, but the product has managed to establish a new category in hair care, and a strong brand recall when it comes to dry shampoo.