Barista Lavazza’s ‘Style, Fashion & You’ Not So Stylish!

A look at 'Style, Fashion & You', a Facebook contest by Italian coffee chain, Barista Lavazza where fans have to share their stylish picture and stand the chance to win a tête-à-tête with designer, Rina Dhaka.


A look at ‘Style, Fashion & You’, a Facebook contest by Italian coffee chain, Barista Lavazza where fans have to share their stylish picture and stand the chance to win a tête-à-tête with designer, Rina Dhaka.

Hear the country ‘Italy’ and your grey cells scream fashion & style at once! So, I wasn’t really surprised when I heard that Italian cafe chain, Barista Lavazza has signed up famed designer, Rina Dhaka to up the style quotient at the cafe. In this new role, Dhaka has designed a completely new range of F&B (food and beverage) items grouped under the ‘Milano Collezioni’ collection, right from the catalogue to the nomenclature. That aside, she has also redesigned the uniform of Barista Lavazza and store accessories, to bring in a holistic stylish feel to the brand. ((Article Source))

Reflecting this new change and also to promote the same on Facebook, Barista Lavazza has launched the ‘Style, Fashion & You‘ contest on its Facebook page. Participants need to create a stylish poster picture of themselves and upload it at the specially created Facebook app, and the most stylish picture will be chosen by Dhaka herself. The winner gets a gift hamper with brand goodies and a chance to meet the designer!

About Style, Fashion & You contest

The contest is open for fans only, so ‘like’ the page. The app lets you in to welcome you with a rather aesthetically designed landing page. I love the burlap texture that reminds one of coffee beans stored in little burlap bags, and the watercolour paintings in coffee colours are to die for! A similar theme can be seen in the images on the Facebook page too, I reckon its the new design by Dhaka and that surely calls for a visit to the cafe.


 But sadly, that is where the style aura ends! The app is a standard one from SocialAppsHQ with the usual tabs for ‘View Entries’, ‘Submit an entry’, ‘Winners’ and ‘About this contest’. Under ‘View entries’, you have the option to see entries filtered by ‘recently added’ or ‘popularity’, but I couldn’t understand why some of them came up in popularity results even with very few ‘likes’ or worse with no likes!

‘Submit an entry’ has an option to either upload an image from your computer or select one from your Facebook photos. Your personal details are pulled out from Facebook before you submit, where you can also tag a friend. Winners will be announced on the winners tab and all contest details have been clearly stated in the ‘About this contest’ page.

How good is it?

The app has completely dashed my expectations, after opening up to a grand update on the Facebook page. For a brand that has roped in a globally acclaimed  designer for a makeover, but in complete contrast creates a standardised Facebook app to promote the same, I  don’t have anything to say!

Although it has a beautiful design with a well aligned objective, the choice of app platform and budget constraints might have been deciding factors here. The campaign should have built a customised app tailored to its design needs. User experience takes a huge hit when they cannot navigate smoothly and have to travel to the home page every time while browsing entries. Besides, the basis of popular entries is confusing. How can an entry with zero votes feature in this list?

Contests that involve user-generated content should also have necessary checks in place, to ensure that users do not upload irrelevant or inflammatory stuff. Not everyone abides to Terms & Conditions for entry into a contest; a moderation policy is required here.

The incentives offered to the fan are way too cool though – I, for one, would love to meet Rina Dhaka and gorge on the goodies from Barista!

The entry of Starbucks, strategic associations by other market players and its own growth plans in India, has plausibly pushed Barista Lavazza to differentiate itself in this way. However, ‘Style, Fashion & You’ leaves a lot more to be desired!