Barista Lavazza Launches Hot Deals

Barista Lavazza Launches Hot Deals


Hot Deals

One of the reasons I use Twitter is to share information in the form of links. The links focus on the Indian social media, Internet startups and things related to Web 2.0. One common trend that I have watched for last couple of months is Ecommerce which is the new item on the menu for Indian businesses. However ecommerce is an old player but with the whole new web 2.0 boom, ecommerce is flourishing again and with it are deals. Every day I find atleast one new ecommerce site being launched in India and for sure clubbed with deals. The latest prominent entry is by the favorite coffee giant Barista Lavazza. Barista, part of Lavazza in India, recently announced the launch of this new initiative ‘Hot Deals’ for passionate coffee lovers in the country.

Barista also made sure that it’s launch covered it’s amazing Facebook fan following so it introduced a section on its Facebook Fan page. Hot Deals is the section to be clicked for a Facebook Fan which finally lands him on the Barista’s site.  However Barista has a lengthy form to fill up before you could enjoy the deals. One of the basic question that arises here is why didn’t Barista have a Facebook authorization app to make the life of users easy?

The deals section obviously has interesting deals for coffee lovers. In addition to it, one can post her ideas to Barista, unfortunately there is no free goodies for a great idea. Sharing recipes and coffee experiences with Barista are also some of the other features that Barista has added to the deals section. Obviously the new set of features have been a step further to serve the coffee lovers more as was expressed by Mr. Saurabh Swarup, Head-Marketing & Product Development,

“At Barista Lavazza, we always strive to present the best coffee experience to our guests. This is yet another step towards this direction. We welcome our guests to explore the exhaustive range of Barista Lavazza delicacies in the most attractive and exciting ways.”

So the next time you want to drop by for a coffee at Barista, check out the deals, take a print out of your favorite deal and enjoy your cuppa. The move by Barista is common but I am sure they are going to have more enhancements and the social space is going to play a bigger role in this area. Meanwhile, there are three deals going on so hurry for it!

Source: IndiaPRWire