Barista Lavazza Bean 13 Facebook Contest Fails To Impress

A review post of the Barista Lavazza Bean 13 Facebook Contest that is unimpressive

Barista Lavazza, the popular coffee chain completed 13 years of its operations in India. As a tribute to the consumers who made it happen, the brand had started a ‘Bean 13’ campaign celebrating its entry into the teens. Consumers were invited to share about what was special about turning thirteen for them and the best entry won gift hampers from Barista Lavazza.  The campaign was run extensively over a 13-day period at all the Barista Lavazza stores across the country, where one could write their story at the many story boards put up at the store. ((As reported by AFAQS))

Barista Lavazza bean 13

The campaign was promoted online too with the help of Facebook ‘Bean 13’ contest, an exclusive one for its fans (from the 13th to the 20th of March). All you had to do was share an interesting story when turning 13 and win an invitation to the mega Bean 13 party. The contest was run on a separate tab as you can see in the screenshot and the stories submitted can be seen in the comments below. Another thing I noticed is the Rules & Regulations for participation in this contest, is nowhere to be found on the contest tab itself. I found it incidentally, while casually browsing through the stories put up by the fans. Although the contest is on a separate tab, the contest winners have been announced on the wall itself, violating Facebook promotional guidelines, that says,

[pullquote id=”lhipull” class=”center_pull”] You must not notify winners through Facebook, such as through Facebook messages, chat, or posts on profiles (timelines) or Pages.[/pullquote]

Announcing winners on the wall

Although, the idea of associating the brands completion of 13 years to a celebration campaign is a novel one, the shabby execution of the contest is quite disturbing. Moreover, if one sees the comments by fans, most of them are found making enquiries of prizes they have won previously or about last dates. Last year, we had reviewed the Barista Lavazza hot deals launch, which again had  a lengthy form to be filled up at the website, before a fan could buy a deal. This is surely not the age for long forms and especially when your largest chunk of customers are young people.  This makes me really wonder whether social is for everyone.

When brands do the same thing year on year, the least we can expect is not violating Facebook guidelines again. And with brands like Barista Lavazza that are veterans in the Indian social media space, one would expect better and evolved strategies, for local businesses to look up to. And what would happen with the entry of Starbucks in India is anybody’s guess, given the fantastic Facebook presence and engagement it drives globally. I believe it’s about time for Barista  to wake up and smell the coffee.