Bankbazaar Rolls Out Funny Video Series For Hacking Personal Finance

Financial marketplace launches its second season of ‘Let’s Talk About Money’ with a funny video series to educate and empower youngsters on financial planning


How much do we know about stuff like EMIs, life insurance, interest rates, and even taxes? Unless it requires one to get into its nitty-gritty’s, youngsters usually prefer to steer clear from financial terms and services. Given the high level of documentation and complex terminologies, the Indian financial sector has seen ‘low involvement’ by the younger audience.

Despite many initiatives by financial institutes, young consumers still find it difficult to select the right brand for financial products like loans, insurance and negotiate for customized preferential rates. The endless paperwork only serves to further alienate them from the financial planning process.

For Chennai-based financial marketplace,, this was a challenge they needed to overcome. Having integrated with over 30 leading financial institutions and insurance firms of India, Bankbazaar gives you instant customized rate quotes on loans, credit cards and insurance products, and it is vital to create a connect with a young audience that is always looking for simple financial advice.

With the aim to educate and empower young audience about various aspects of financial planning and take charge of their finances, the company has embarked on a first-of-its-kind digital initiative called ‘Let’s Talk About Money’, in association with social media agency Flarepath. The digital series imparts financial literacy with a touch of humour!

Savour this 5-minute ‘Mumbai on Life insurance’ video:


After a successful first season with comedian Atul Khatri last year, this is the second season of ‘Let’s Talk About Money’. This season will leverage humour to cover basic yet important aspects of personal finance, including the need to invest in life insurance at a young age, insights on fixed and floating rate of interest, EMI components and planning, benefits of prepaying home loan and much more.

The series is being done with popular personalities on YouTube channel like Sahil Khattar, etc. More from the earlier series and the forthcoming second season series can be watched at the brand’s YouTube channel playlist for Let’s Talk About Money.

BankBazaar has a lot of fun stuff going on at its Facebook and Twitter pages other than sharing the videos. Finance related jokes, memes have engaged fans with some share-worthy content.

Information + Entertainment + Video

Managing personal finances means loads of paperwork, comparison and tracking, and lastly a tiresome process. Fun, simplicity and peer discussions are something we don’t associate with a topic like finances. Loans, taxes, fixed or floating rate of interest are last minute transactions often left to ‘other’ experts.

BankBazaar has played it well with its digital video series, the lighthearted approach is a sureshot path to connect with a younger audience. Funny videos with a desi touch have a higher shareability quotient and would tend to be shared with their peers on the network, leading to increased brand awareness for BankBazaar.

A smart content-driven strategy to connect with the young, internet-savvy consumer hooked to entertaining videos.