Bangalore Traffic Police’s Awareness Drive on Facebook

Bangalore Traffic Police's Awareness Drive on Facebook

Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP) which launched its Facebook fan page last month, has come up with a simple idea to make people realize that ‘Life is Precious’. BTP  manages nearly 4 million vehicles and 8 million commuters so these videos will serve as a large eye opener for creating awareness about the risks involved for vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

Additional Commissioner (Traffic) Praveen Sood also expressed the same:

“We’re loading these clippings to make people understand a small mistake is leading to loss of life. The message here is not to post-mortem the videos - the message here is it can happen to you and me”.

The fan page with 4294 fans till date has appreciated the move by BTP and if you click on any video then you can notice the debate that has taken place. There is no doubt that the move has been appreciated by netizens and we wish that the next time you are on the roads, you will keep this in mind.

With the central government and different state government organizations coming forward to create an online relationship with common man, it  is always a good sign. BTP in the mean time has done a handsome job from creating awareness, solving problems and looking into matters. The effort is commendable and will not only benefit people of Bangalore but also those who plan to travel there.


BTP Drive Appreciated by People

So the next time you are on the streets of  Bangalore, be careful or you might just be captured by one of the 180 cameras and uploaded on the BTP fanpage!

Source: IBNLive