Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Launches System To Alert Power Cuts In Advance By SMS And Facebook

Bangalore Electricity Supply Company has launched a new pilot initiative called Fault Management System, through which it aims to alert customers about power cuts in advance through SMS and Facebook

Bangalore Electricity board

Government agencies are gradually opening up to the world of technology to benefit the customers. Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) has done the same by launching a new pilot initiative – Fault Management System (FMS). Reported by Medianama, FMS has been in testing mode since last month and wishes to inform the customers about the power cuts in advance by various modes such as SMS, Email and even by posting on the respective Facebook pages. The article that was originally reported by The Times of India suggests that BESCOM will keep the pilot mode on until June 30, 2013.

Bangalore Electricity board

BESCOM service has been initiated to reach out to the customers with outage details of the system reported by the BESCOM engineers. The portal right now is providing features like – 1) Wall1 Control Room, 2) Wall2 Feeder Manager, and 3) Customer Subscription.

The Control Room provides the facility of centralized customer service by providing the details of interruption or restoration of service by providing detailed details like Sub-station, Feeder Name, Areas affected Scheduled/Unscheduled Interruption, Time details for interruption, etc. The details are provided in three colours – Red (indicates the interruption details), Yellow (indicates the work under progress) and Green (indicates the restoration details for the individual feeders).

The second feature – Feeder Management provides the complete details of Substations and the details of the Feeder Manager along with his contact details. In addition to this, BESCOM has launched individual Facebook pages for each Sub-station and one can follow the relevant page to be posted about the updates. One can also be updated with SMS feature and for that one needs to click on Customer Subscription and submit with the required details. These details include such as Name, Mobile No, Station, Feed Subscribed To, etc.

The initiative that is driven by BESCOM is definitely with good intentions and depending on the ongoing implementation this should be carried out in other states too. The feature of providing information via SMS is a simple one but opening individual Facebook accounts is interesting and at the same time throws up a big challenge too. It is true that I would be interested in information concerning my area but updating so many pages won’t be an easy job.

I trolled few pages and apart from the basic information the page hardly has anything. Some of the links are not even working. Even if tomorrow these pages would be active then I’m assuming that the page would hav simple messages copied from the site itself. We saw the same happening at the three different pages that Delhi Municipal Corporation had opened. Now due to lack of staff and failing to make good use of social media, the department has gone back to have a call center for customer queries. So it would be interesting to keep any eye on the pages to find out what is the consistency of the updates and how interestingly content is being shared.

Definitely, I would be interested if the Pune Electricity Board plans to share such information with the customers especially when electricity outages are so common but I would prefer it via SMS.

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