Karnataka CM Urges Police To Reach Out To People During Emergencies

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Thursday urged policemen to utilize social networking sites (SNS) to reach out to people during emergencies


Apart from providing a platform for socializing, social networking sites globally have also proved that they could be really helpful during emergencies. Being active on social media, having a healthy dialogue and involving citizens by taking their help could be a great help and reward fruitful results too.

Karnataka Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah understands this quite well and has recently urged policemen to utilise these social networking sites to reach out to people during emergencies. Reported by Indian Express, the honourable CM expressed this thought, while inaugurating the two-day All India Conference of Commissioners of Police.


While the CM is very well aware of vested interests using these services for their gain, he also added that, “At the same time, networking sites can be used by police to ensure law and order, convey messages and manage situations effectively.”

Additionally the CM thinks that the perception of the police in the country should change. The general feeling is that police serve the interests of an elite minority and are impervious to the needs of the common man. He also added that, “Many also opine that criminal laws are archaic and so are the rules that govern police administration.” This perception can be changed and social media can play a big role.

Bangalore City Police and the Traffic Police both have been active on social media for a pretty good time. The City Police had made its debut last year while teaming up with Havas Worldwide Digital Matrix. Over the time the department has not only used the medium effectively but has been nabbing criminals on tip offs from Facebook. Similarly, the Bangalore Traffic Police which has a separate presence has been also doing really well in terms of content and connecting with people and solving matters. Other police departments from different states can borrow a leaf of advice, may be?