Bangalore City Police Nabs Eve Teasers Over A Facebook Tip Off

Bangalore City Police which is quite active on Facebook, nabbed eve teasers over a Facebook tip off from citizens of Bangalore.

Social media can be a big blow to the hooligans in our society. A thought that is not only on paper but showing results also. We have already heard many stories where social media has been the breakthrough for cracking crimes. Add one more to the list and this comes from the Bangalore City Police along with a citizen initiative backed by social media.

On the 9th of March, 2013, a Saturday afternoon, Akshay Kingar was crossing the road with his two female friends at the signal in front of the Raheja residency. While doing so, the two female friends had to face eve teasing from two guys on a bike. Acting quickly, Akshay clicked a photo of both the guys along with the number of the bike. Two days later on the 11th, Akshay posted the image on the Facebook page of Bangalore City Police along with the incident details. The post has attracted close to 4000 shares and more than a 1000 comments.Bangalore_City_Police_on_facebook

Evidently, the Facebook page of Bangalore City Police was spammed by the images of the eve-teasers and citizens demanded action against the eve teasers. The City Police jumped into action and caught the culprits within two days. The department also made sure that they posted back a response on the page that both the guys are in police custody for further interrogation. The Bangalore City Police not only solved the case but by having an open communication on social media, it surely has won a lot of salutes. The page is now getting spammed by comments like “Great Job”, “We are proud of you Bangalore Police”, “Hats Off”and many more.

It might not be a big breaking story but what makes it special is the way the citizens of Bangalore and the Police department worked together to fight crime in the city. The police department that has logged on to Facebook since 2012 has been using social media quite effectively. From posting important updates for the citizens to sharing pictures of wanted criminals, the page is doing everything in a systematic and planned manner. In addition to this, if you drill down to the queries or comments from fans, you will see that the page admins are taking the pains to reply. And the latest crack down by the police has just taken them one step further in their social media venture.

The Bangalore City Police has set a great example for government offices to use social media effectively.